Thursday, February 12, 2009

love you bookmark

Need a last minute Valentine gift? Well, I did. So I made these bookmarks today, and thought I'd share it with you in case you are the same kind of unrepentant procrastinator I am. That's why I'm posting this on Thursday instead of Friday, to give you more lead time.

What you'll need:

1) the printable PDF of the template, get it here
2) letter-sized cardstock
3) fabric scrap
4) craft knife
5) short length of thinnish ribbon
6) .25 inch hole punch
7) spray adhesive
8) bone folder

Here we go. Print the template on cardstock and cut out the rectangular fabric template. I cut mine out window style, so I can place it just so on the fabric. Use it to trace and cut out a rectangle of your fabric scrap.

Now cut out one of the bookmark templates (of which there are two on the page) using a craft knife and ruler. Cut straight lines only, as shown, leave the curvy bits for later. You'll see.

(Wow. I didn't realize how grubby my craft knife looks until now. I've had it since freshman year at college, so like 22 years. I understand they come with cushy handles now. Notice especially the petrified band of masking tape. That was to keep my fingers from slipping. In COLLEGE.)

Score it down the middle using the BACK of your craft knife (not the sharp edge), only light pressure required. Or you can use your fancy bone folder.

Now cut out the heart with your craft knife. Wow, that sounds violent. Craft knife newbies, do not be fainthearted (ha), you can do this! Don't attempt to go all the way round in one direction, do it in parts and approach the corners from opposite sides for smoother results. The heart is not symmetrical, so if you are a little off, big schmeal. Do yourself a favor and use a new blade. If you use a dull blade, you will not be happy with the results and you may give yourself a hand cramp, especially if you are doing more than one.

Now fold the bookmark with the black lines on the outside, not the inside. Press the fold with your fancy bone folder. Or, as in my case, with your cheap plastic folder from Wal-Mart.

This is now folded the opposite way from how it will end up, but you'll want to use the curved lines on the corners as a cutting reference right now. Cut through both layers to make the rounded corners, making sure to keep it tightly pressed together while you cut.

Now punch the hole through both layers where marked.

Now fold it the opposite way with all the black on the inside, and run your bone folder down the fold. Open it back up and lay it on a large sheet of protective cardboard or paper, black lines facing up, and spray the entire surface with spray adhesive.

Lay your fabric on the dashed rectangle and smooth it out, being careful not to get glue on your fingers.

Carefully fold over the front and press together firmly, using your bone folder to rub along the edges and make sure everything is sticking together.

Lastly, half your ribbon, feed the free ends through the back of the hole, and then pull the ends through the loop you created on the opposite side. Tighten, then trim the ribbon ends, dotting them with FrayCheck if needed. If desired, write a love message under the heart.

Ta-da. Inexpensive and handmade Valentine gift that everyone (who reads) can use.

Y'all all have a blissful Valentine's, filled with love. I'm going to be gone for a whole week, but I'll see you again, Lord willing, on Monday the 23rd.


  1. Wow, now why don't I ever receive anything this cute on V-day? I'd love a cute bookmark. They're really pretty!

  2. Lovely, Larissa!

    Valentines Day here in Brazil is only in June 12, but I'll save this lovely idea!! =)

    Kisses from Brazil!

  3. These are awesome! Great idea. And my valentine reads! So it is perfect. (side note to Jessica and we can cut them with Cricut)

  4. Totally cute bookmark! Thanks for the idea.

  5. I'll have to get my cricut out from under all that dust! ;)
    Such a cute idea. I think I need Adobe......

  6. It's head over heels cute! Thank you Larissa! You have the best ideas, always!

    Happy valentines!

  7. Great idea (as always)! Have fun in California!

  8. i really like the one with the measuring tape fabric! Very cute!

  9. How beautiful Larissa! This will make the perfect last-minute gift for my Valentine dinner tonight, thanks! Oh and I'll be linking as well.

  10. These are so beautiful - love them all!

  11. what a great idea! I love your tooth fairy too - she's wonderful! just found your blog for the first time and I am so excited! and I'm going to be sure to come back and check in with you often. I'm all about supporting and encouraging other christian artists! :)

  12. Jill, welcome! and I'm happy to have you!

  13. I loved these the minute I saw them....and had to use them for our church "craft night" that I do every month. They were quick and SO cute - a huge hit - thanks so much for sharing them - and I wanted to tell you how much pleasure you gave 15 or so other gals!

  14. These are so cute, I have got make some! Thanks for sharing this. :)

  15. Thanks for posting this. I made one for my MIL and she loved it! :o)

  16. Fab-U-Lous!!! This is a great idea!!

  17. I'm glad y'all are enjoying them. Trish, how cool, thanks for sharing that! it made my day. I love me some craft night. :-)

  18. I love these, I'm just a bit late for valentines day now!

  19. i know it's a bit late (or soon!) for valentine's day but I must say I love the idea! And it's cool for other celebrations too. Thanks for sharing!

  20. How fun. I will be featuring this over at Trendy Treehouse today. What a fun project. I love it!

    So be sure to grab your Featured Button.

  21. I am so glad this was featured at Trendy Treehouse! I will definitely be doing this! I adore them!
    I'm also so glad it was featured because now I am in love with you blog!

  22. Thanks for this beautiful idea! I have thought about sharing it with my readers and I hope you are not sorry if I have inserted her in my post of S. Valentine ( If you had to not make you like I will handle to remove the link to your blog. Regards, Beta

  23. I just got engaged and I'm going to make these to use as wedding favors! :) I'm hoping to put a Bible verse on them and/or write something to remind people to pray for us as newlyweds!! Thanks so much.

  24. y'all, thanks so much. I'm delighted you are enjoying the bookmark how to.

    Megan, how cool is that? A bible verse is such a great idea. No more blessed way to enter your marriage than with the prayers of loved ones. Best wishes on your engagement!

  25. Hello from Russia!
    My name is Yanina. Please, excuse my English.
    Your idea is brilliant and your blog is my favorite. I did one this bookmark for my mother –in-law, I`ll show it later. And I started second for my teacher of English. Thanks for your art.

  26. Larissa!
    I published link to your blog in my page.

  27. I just found you via Pinterest last night and I love your clever project ideas! I linked to these in a post today about blogs to bookmark. :)
    I'll definitely be making my own set of these soon. Thanks!

  28. These are so sweet. Love the way you folded the bookmark over for such a clean look!

  29. So cute! Great!
    I love the idea for my wedding!
    hugs from Brasil!

  30. Thank you! I made already five ones!
    Bye bey flo

  31. Great idea for Mother's Day, too. My twin grandchildren are coming to visit without their mom so I think we'll make these for them to give her on Mother's Day. I'll just be sure to have everything ready so it's easy for them to put together.

  32. Hi! I'm going to make this for giveaways! this is very nice! Thank you! I like to have this in my pinterest board but I don't see pin button..


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