Monday, June 1, 2015

oh my! thank you, National Nonwovens

You know very well my strong feelings about wool felts, so you also know what a stack of happy this was to get in the mail. SIGH. This gorgeous and generous fat quarter sample pack is from National Nonwovens! Oh, the things I will make.

If you are not familiar with National Nonwovens it's probably because they are primarily wholesale. They offer such a wide range of lovely felts. It took me a good while to peruse all their color cards. They have options for 100% wools, wool blends, bamboos and acrylics. And of course, wool roving. Chances are if you've made something with a wool-blend felt, it was made by National Nonwovens!

I was also delighted to be featured in their newsletter and to have my Partridge & Pear ornament set displayed at the National Nonwovens spring quilt market booth in Minneapolis. What an honor! Thanks again, Christin!


  1. Replies
    1. I think it was in May, otherwise, yes. :-)

  2. What a treat! Looking forward to your felt adventures.


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