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Monday, June 30, 2014

big plans and apathy do not mesh well

I fell victim to the absolute charm of this Miss Dandelion Doe from Alicia Paulson a few weeks ago and have been meaning to get started on the kit. Eeeee! So adorable.

Look and see the different animals she has. The mouse's moccasins! Aw. Since getting the kit in the mail I've been staring at the pretty pieces of felt and Liberty lawn bits and imagining how cute mine will turn out to be, but somehow I've never started it.

So I took the kit with me to Huntsville last week because we were there visiting my mom and I would have plenty of time to make make make. As I packed the kit I was so filled with pie-in-the-sky sewing ambition that I also bundled up my sewing machine and enough fabric and patterns and notions to also make three tops. Somehow after I got settled at my mom's all I did in my spare time was watch Roswell episodes and eat doughnuts. To be honest I felt a little lackluster and depressed. My girls did have an excellent week at Jordan Park VBS. After five mornings spent there, lunch dates with my sisters and round robin dinners from house to house all I wanted to do in my down time was veg. Not make. I did manage to cut out a few pieces of the felt and adjust the placement of the buttons on my Washi peplum top. And that was it. Oh, and I did work off the doughnuts. At the 5:30 class. Yes, that's A.M. I'm not sure what came over me. It was a weird week.

And now I have to unpack all the sewing stuff I didn't touch in Huntsville. I hate unpacking. I hope you are having a more productive week!

Monday, June 16, 2014

curated felt color collection for Partridge & Pear ornaments

Wool blend felt. 
Photo courtesy of Benzie Design

Bird and pear ornaments by MmmCrafts // Benzie

I am delighted to show you this ten-color felt collection I put together recently at Benzie Design. I chose the colors to match my favorite yellow and pink sample ornaments for Partridge & Pear. If you want to make your ornaments in the same colors then you can save some hassle/worry by purchasing this ready-chosen felt set from Benzie.

embroidery floss 
Photo courtesy of Benzie Design

And looky, you can also purchase the handy add-on set of matching embroidery floss! You'll need matching floss for sewing the parts of the ornaments together so that set is a really nice feature and will save you some time squinting at the craft store. (Note: you will still need to purchase some contrasting floss colors for the decorative embroidery!)

Wool blend felt // MmmCrafts // Benzie
Photo courtesy of Benzie Design
I love working with Benzie's wool-blend felt and I highly recommend her shop from my (many) felt purchases. You'll just have to visit to see the wide range of colors and sizes available and check out her blog too for lots of feltcentric tips and tutorials. Renae always offers friendly, accurate service and prompt shipping. I love getting her prettily packaged felt in the mail. It always feels like Christmas!

Renae, thanks for the opportunity to curate another collection! (See here and here for my previous collections!)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Partridge & Pear pattern is now available!

The blog's been quiet lately because I've been feverishly working to finish this pattern. It's a bit later than I anticipated but still in plenty of time for lots of handmade pre-Christmas makery! This is the first of the Twelve Days ornament projects that I'll be releasing as they get done. I've worked out all the production kinks on this one so hopefully the other patterns will come faster as I go along. I'm really excited about this!

Make partridges and pears galore in whatever color scheme you like! I love being able to match any Christmas decor. They make such a unique handmade gift that will look beautiful on a Christmas tree for many years.

There is a No. 1 on the backs since this is the first of a series of twelve. You can also easily add the year or a name if you like, of course.

And let me tell you that you are going to LOVE how quick and easy these are to make. No pattern tracing or tedious embroidery transferring is required! If you know basic hand stitches, you can totally nail this project because of this lovely and magical stuff:

Sulky Printable Sticky Fabri-Solvy is quite possibly the most awkward name for one of the best products to ever happen to felt crafters (thanks again, Wendi). It's a sticky backed stabilizer that you can print directly on. It washes magically off with water, leaving no trace of itself. And it is readily available and affordable! (There's a handy list of sources in the Resources section of the pattern.)

So, basically you print my pattern pieces directly on the stabilizer, peel off the backing, apply it to wool felt and stitch the embroidery designs directly through the stabilizer. Once the stabilizer is soaked away you are left with a perfectly executed embroidery design on felt. No pin dot tracing. No guessing. No fading ink marks. No re-appearing ink marks. FANTASTIC.

I know you are thinking, 'Wait a minute, you can't wash wool felt in water!' Oh, yes you can. The key to this process is to pre-shrink your wool felts the day before you start the project by simply soaking them in cold water and letting them air dry. It won't change the texture or thickness of the wool felt if you do it that way, and the pre-shrunk wool won't shrink when you soak off the stabilizer. I've tested this with wool-blend (wool + rayon) and also 100% wool felt and it works equally well for both. Are you excited yet?

(If for some reason you can't use the Sulky stabilizer, you can still make this project with the help of freezer paper. I've included instructions for that in the Resources section of the pattern.)

You can purchase this instant download Partridge & Pear pattern PDF in either my Etsy or my Craftsy shops. Go to my listing to get more details on the pattern itself. I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. You can get a preview of a few of the upcoming patterns because they will be based on the original ones I've made as gifts for my BFF:
Turtle Dove
French Hen and Collie Bird
I'm currently working on a couple of her ornaments and will be sure to show you when they are done too!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

make a felt bouquet card for mom

I like to make cards. As well you know. Here's this year's handmade Mother's Day card. It's made of handcut felt flowers and leaves with a paper punch label in the middle.

Would you like to make a similar card? It's a cinch to make if you have some know-how, pretty felt and a little time. I'd say it is intermediate level crafting. Bonus: these flowers won't wilt and they won't cost a fortune. (Are you a beginner? Try this one!)

You will need:
  • A laser print of this template at actual size (no scaling)
  • Letter-sized piece of black card stock
  • Scrap of white card stock
  • Two 1/8 inch thick pop dots
  • Scraps of wool felt in various colors for the flowers (do not use acrylic craft felt!)
  • White pencil or gel pen
  • Black ink pen
  • Tacky Glue®
  • Scraps of freezer paper and a pencil for tracing
  • Small scissors
  • Toothpick
  • Black embroidery thread and a largish embroidery needle

1) Start by cutting the letter-sized black card stock in half so you have two 5.5 x 8.5 inch pieces. Keep one piece and set the other aside for later to make another card.

2) Fold the piece in half so you have a 4.25 x 5.5 inch card.

3) Now's the time to add your haiku on motherhood to the inside of the black card with a white gel pen. Or whatever message you like. Just in case you mess up. Because if you add the message now and mess up, no big deal; you can just use the extra half of the paper to make another card. If you wait and attach the elaborate, gorgeous flowery outside of the card and then mess the inside up you will have a slightly larger problem. Let the ink dry.

4) Write a cursive greeting on the scrap of white card stock with a black ink pen. You can do this. Don't cop out and print it from Microsoft Word. Handwritten is charming! Call up your best penmanship and keep it simple:
"I love you, Mom"
"For my Mom"
"Mummy Dearest"
Something like that. Just write it somewhere on the white card stock with plenty of room around. Practice if you need to.

5) When you are happy with it, use a light table or handy window to center your writing over the rectangle shape on the template and lightly trace the rectangle. Cut out the label and erase any stray pencil marks on the edges. (Or if you have a fancy label punch like mine, center your writing in the window and punch that baby.)

6) Put two pop dots on the back of the white label and place it in the center of your black card.

7) Lay freezer paper (shiny side down) over the template and trace all the flower and leaf shapes separately with a pencil. The shapes are overlapped on the template so be sure to trace the whole shape. Group the traced shapes together according to felt color, leaving a little space in between them for trimming.

8) Cut the freezer paper apart roughly by color grouping. Iron the freezer paper shiny-side-down on the corresponding colors of wool felt scraps. Carefully cut out the felt shapes with small scissors. Leave the freezer paper in place for now, and peel it off as you use each piece. It will help you keep your shapes oriented right side up.

9) Squirt a nickel-sized blob of Tacky Glue on a scrap of paper and use the toothpick to add small dabs of glue to the backs of the flower parts to layer them together. Less is more - it only takes a small dab here and there to adhere the parts. Don't worry about symmetry. It looks better when it's wonky.

10) Use all six strands of embroidery thread to sew a star in the middle of the orange flower as shown. Use one big stitch for each leg. Easy.

11) Test the two largest flowers in place on the card. You may have to trim a bit of the petal from the orange flower if it bumps into your pop dot. Keeping them in place with a finger, lift the edges and add a dab of glue to the middle of the backs with the toothpick. Don't glue the whole shape down. You need the edges loose so you can underlap the other pieces.

12) Now glue on the smaller roses, one underneath and one above the large rose.

13) Add the leaves, putting them in place first and then using small toothpick dabs of glue to secure them. (I use another toothpick that has no glue on it to tuck the ends under where I need to.)

14) You are almost done. Looks pretty nice already, huh? Use a white pencil or gel pen to add two curved lines like this:

15) Now add the last few little leaves to these stems.

16) TADA! A pretty, handmade bouquet of love for your mom and now you are the favorite child and now you have the satisfaction of making something special by hand! If you do make one, I'd love to see it! Share a photo by adding it here.

If you are running low on wool felt you could also make this card with paper flowers instead. Same instructions apply. I have ironed freezer paper on card stock with great success.

Looking for other card crafting ideas that you can use for Mother's Day? Here are some from previous posts:

Just a reminder that all of my paper crafts templates are for personal use only. Thanks so much for respecting that.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

last minute valentines

Six last-minute ideas for you. Three quickie printables for your Valentine or your UnValentine...

Or if you have a few minutes to make something, three quickie ideas to DIY.

Happy Valentines Day! Crossing my fingers that my Valentine will take me out for some sushi.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

handmade gifts 2013, part 2

This year I gave the girls two ginormous craft organizer thingies to keep all their stuff in, and more importantly, keep them from borrowing my stuff. Who knew glorified tackle boxes could be so pricey? I'm glad I had a coupon plus a sale.

Anyhoo, to go along with all their spiffy new color coded sewing and crafting supplies (Thing 1 =  pink, Thing 2 = purple), I made them each a T.O.U.C. pincushion with a tiny attached strawberry cushion for needle parking.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

handmade gifts 2013, part 1

Two pinecone elf ornaments for Tucker and Darcy. Haha, Robyn, yes, I copied you! We really love the pinecone elf ornament you made for us, so when I was trying to think of something sweet to make for the girls' little cousins, I kept going back to this.

I've wanted to try it for ever so long, and I even had all the materials in my stash. You can follow Martha's tutorial to make your own, although I should mention that I made some modifications. I made the hat larger to fit further over the bead, and I made the mittens and shoes smaller. I also widened the top of the shoe pattern so it would not be as flat after it's sewn together. And I added some floss hair because it's cute.

I'm glad to say that I didn't burn myself even once with the hot glue gun this time! Almost.

Monday, December 23, 2013

hello, my name is Princess Snow Cream

And here's the ornament for my 9 yr old Thing 2. See the previous post for a closeup of Thing 1's. I'm so excited about these! I love to make them. They are 3.5 inches tall and can stand on their own with the help of their royal robe. They each seem to have their own personality and sky's the limit on hair color. Which is fun! (They are made using my Wee Princess Pea pattern.)

I guess I still have a little girl's fixation on long hair. I used to wish for it with all my might, and pull yellow t-shirts inside out over my forehead to pretend it was long blond hair. You probably did that too, right?


Thursday, December 19, 2013

hello, my name is Princess Candy Cane

Another ornament from the Wee Princess Pea pattern, this time for my sweet eleven year old Thing 1. I cannot wait for her to take this out of her stocking and see her hang it on our tree! I added a loop on the top of her head (that's the silver thread you see at the top there) and a wee little present in her hands. It's glued in place so it doesn't get lost. Her name is written in white ink on the gift tag, but I touched it out.

I didn't forget my Thing 2. Her princess ornament is next!

Friday, December 13, 2013

partridges and pears

**This design is now available as a PDF pattern!**

Hey, a photo, look at that. These are some wool felt ornaments I've been making. The design is a reprise of the Partridge & Pear ornaments I made for gifts a while back. I'm pretty happy with this new pattern (unfortunately I lost the original pattern and had to guess based on photos). It's fairly close to the original.

I had pie-in-the-sky hopes to get a PDF pattern out for this before Christmas but that is not to be, thanks to an upgrade to Mavericks which did not go well (slight understatement there) and a hard drive crash. My apologies to those who were waiting! This will be definitely be released next year. And now I've GOT to focus on the stuff I need to make for Christmas ACK ACK ACK!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

I am the Frost Queen

...and I decree it shall snow!

This Frost Queen ornament was crafted recently just for Juliette. It was nice to sit down for some quiet time with just me and craft supplies and Vampire Dia--I mean Ken Burns' Civil War.

Juju's been a longtime cyber friend, and I admire (covet) everything that girl makes. She can make anything. She has a loom in her living room! Whatever she tackles, she masters. When she generously carved this feather stamp for me, I wanted to return the kindness. Juju is outnumbered by boys in her house, so I thought she needed a really girly girl ornament all her own. 

It was made using my Wee Princess Pea pattern with no mods except for the addition of the snowball scepter and hanging loop. Just thread a hanging loop through the bead before you attach the head and the glue holds it in place.

My favorite part is her icy blue hair! 
Hugs to you, Juju.

{My favorite holiday has arrived. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! Especially to Robyn, who is wizarding up an American feast for her small outpost in Rio de Janeiro. Love you, Robyn, and I'm so thankful for best friends today!

I can't express how blessed I feel to be gathered up in the controlled chaos and surrounded by the love of family today. And the food is pretty awesome too. I wish everyone the warmest (and tastiest) day today, chock full of love and the things that truly matter.}