Saturday, March 29, 2008

Pinspinner inspiration

I recently created a garland of pinwheels for my girlies' room, thanks to the tutorial for pinspinners on Allsorts. Thank you, Jenny Harris! The instructions and the template were all so easy to use.

I made a bunch from some patterned paper I purchased, and also patterns I came up with on my trusty Mac and printed out. It was most creatively gratifying, and so fun to do. Instead of pushing the pin through the eraser of a pencil, I took some pliers and bent the pin down in the back to keep the whole thing from flying apart.

Then I attached them at regular intervals with tape to a ribbon I already had in my stash, and voila! A colorful and playful garland to liven up the walls in my girls' room. It will be a dusting nightmare, maybe, but worth it. What would have been REALLY UBER COOL would have been to have the pinwheels stuck in the wall so they would still spin, but I couldn't work out the logistics and didn't have pins long enough. Maybe y'all will have better luck.


  1. Wow!!!! Those are adorable!!! What a clever idea!

  2. So I've been thinking about this awesome garland for months now. And I included it in a post today (and of course Jenny Harris too. I couldn't leave her out :o)


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