Friday, April 4, 2008

dolls from Martha

I tried my hand a while back at doll making. Martha Stewart has a simple looking doll tutorial. All in all it went well, and I was really pleased with the end result. Even though she looks a little poofy.

I used a terry cloth for the body because it was for a friend's baby girl and I thought that'd be some interesting and gum-able texture for her. Also I added a little tiny pocket with her initial embroidered on it, just in case she needed a Tooth Fairy doll later.

Here is the link to the Martha Stewart tutorial.

If you want to get into making these dolls as gifts, it is a good idea to save your old T shirts so you can use the soft jersey knit for the hands, feet and face.

I just stumbled across another great doll tute on Martha I'd like to try, from The Black Apple. I love it! So cute.


  1. Girl! Pace yourself! Not really, I know your creativity is without limit. Plus I get a thrill seeing my kid's stuff up there. Keep 'em coming, the gifts and the posts... :)

  2. Nice and easy!!!
    I did my firs doll just last week...I can try also this :-)


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