Tuesday, April 29, 2008

home again

We had a wonderful time visiting our friends Rich and Robyn in New Orleans. One of the things I've been waiting to post about is a doll and dress that I made for Robyn's daughter, who is turning three in a few weeks.

I had so much fun making it. I've been inspired by all the wonderful doll and softie crafters like Emily of Black Apple and Hillary of Wee Wonderfuls, to name two of many.

I came up with my own very simple two piece pattern of a bunny (identical pieces for front and back), and simply sewed it right sides facing, leaving a hole to turn it. I stuffed it and sewed across the legs so they would bend at the hip. Then I had a tremendous amount of fun embroidering her little face, adding a puffy tail and making her little clothes. Basically, I slapped her down on some fabric, traced around her body, and cut out a simple dress and pinafore that way.

She has flaws to be sure -- I should have clipped the curves of the seams so her face wouldn't look puckered (slapping self in forehead for such a rooky mistake). And other small mistakes, but I hope that makes her more lovable.

And what should I find when I arrive in New Orleans, but that Robyn has been a busy bee making my two girls matching dolls for their birthdays! I really need to get some good pictures of her adorable creations and post them soon.

I'd love to make more dolls soon! It is so satisfying to see one come together and the effect it has on your child. My girls repeatedly stole the bunny doll I'd been working on for Audrey off the work table to go play with it, even though it was unfinished. I was suddenly struck that I've never made my own girls any dolls, a terrible, really horrible oversight I hope to rectify by their birthdays.

They've requested 1) girl monkey 2) girl kitty.
What fun!


  1. okay, that is way to cute! do you have patterns for the dresses you make, or do you design them yourself?

  2. Oh, the dress. I realized I forgot to say much about it. I did NOT make that up on my own. It was a store bought pattern. i'll post about that next!

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