Saturday, April 12, 2008

stuff to do with charm packs, part five

Patch something.
This is my favorite pair of my daughter L's jeans. She's only 3, so she doesn't have a personal favorite pair of jeans yet. They fit my daughter so well, and look so cute on her. But after also serving as my favorite pair of jeans for her older sister, the knees just gave out. Charm pack to the rescue. I sewed them in with embroidery floss and reinforced them on the inside with more fabric and Heat N Bond. By the way, I just won another charm pack on ebay. It is so colorful. It's Flutterby, a collection by Tula Pink for Moda. Oh, the possibilities.


  1. and you said you couldn't make me charm pack pants!

  2. This I have to try. I've noticed both Gretchen and Caroline are getting holes in their jeans. Poor Maddie won't have any jeans later in life if I don't. ;)


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