Tuesday, April 8, 2008

stuff to do with charm packs, part one

mmm...charm packs. I'm addicted. Stacks of precut five-inch squares of coordinating fabrics. I've ordered them a bunch and they are like little treasures in the mail. Right now I'm waiting to hear if I won a pack on ebay. I love to just spread them out and look at them and rearrange them. Does that make me weird? Or a potential genius quilter? Anyhoo, there are so many things to do with charm packs besides gaze lovingly at them. I mean of course, besides (the obvious) make a quilt. I'd love to make a quilt some day. It's on my list. Here's the first in a series of posts about what else to do with 'em.
Part one: cover lil' windows
I wanted to hide all the female unmentionables sitting inside. I had purchased a charm pack of my favorite fabric collection EVER EVER EVER, Flea Market Fancy, and this is how I used some of them. Had I known how short-lived this collection was, I might've ordered some major yardage of it. Snooze ya lose, I guess. I just measured the windows, calculated how many squares were needed to cover them and pieced those together with my machine. Then I put some batting on a piece of chip board cut to size, and sandwiched it all together behind the glass. The inside looks a little messy. If I were not so stinkin' lazy, I'd unscrew the wooden thingies holding in the glass, and sandwich the cover between it and the glass, but I opted for taping it in. How cheap and dirty was that? Who sees the inside besides me anyway? :-) More charm square ideas coming. Now, share how YOU use charm squares.

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  1. I want you to make me a pair of pants out of your coordinating squares. I'll consider it an early Christmas present.


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