Saturday, May 3, 2008

dolls from Robyn

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, my amazing friend Robyn made my girls matching dolls a la Wee Wonderfuls for their birthdays. I am posting about them to show you her genius way with a needle.

My girls named the dolls after themselves, because Robyn made the dolls to look like them. They are being slept with and dragged around the house and in the car, so I made sure to take these pictures of them before they start looking kind of loved.

When I was talking with my 5 yr old daughter about them, her comment to me was, 'Mama, Miss Robyn can craft.'

Nary a truer word has been spoken.

It has added greatly to my fever to make some dolls myself. Robyn showed me the basic pattern from Put Together Book No. 1 from Hillary Lang that she referenced (she also used ideas from Black Apple's doll tute), and showed me how to sew the body and clothes together as one and a few other pointers.

I love how Emily of Black Apple has added some felt pigtails and also the illusion of long socks to hers, click here to view.

I feel ready! Now I just need to find some time! Upcoming events, all in the next two weeks: home school curriculum fair, our anniversary, daughter's 4th birthday, mother's day. Who needs sleep?

My almost four year old just now came to my elbow, saw what I was posting about, and said "Can you make me a monkey doll, Mama?" (walking away, over shoulder:) "I love you Mama." sigh...

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