Thursday, May 22, 2008

ta ta for now

I'm off to Huntsvegas (Huntsville, AL) to visit my mom and watch my nephew Josh graduate from high school. Can I be that old?

In honor of Josh's graduation, here's some ideas from for gift wrapping the graduate's favorite gift – money.

By the way, is anyone actually reading this thing? Don't be shy. Leave me a comment! Even if the post is an older one, I'll still get it.

See y'all the first of June.


  1. I'm reading!! Everything on here is so cute.

    I almost bought that Prairie Girl book for the library, then decided against it. Maybe I should rethink it?

  2. LOVE YOUR BLOG, have it bookmarked. Found your blog through a friend and serously am so inspired by you...can I fly you out to teach me ALL your projects for the weekend!!! Keep it up, people are reading it!

  3. Oh, the guilt. Of course, I'm reading daily and loving it. (And I'm home, by the way.) Can't wait 'til next weekend!

  4. I'm reading! Almost everyday in fact. I haven't gotten back into crafting and sewing yet (since Chloe was born), so I am crafting vicariously through you!


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