Tuesday, June 10, 2008

cup running over

I had the pleasure of a quick visit from my bosom friend, Robyn, over the weekend. We went to the Indie Craft Experience on last Saturday, which I will blog about soon, but first I have to make you all insanely jealous with the cool cool cool gifts she brought me from Paris and Louisiana because she loves me! Oh joy!

My gifts included the latest issue of Marie Claire Idees, straight from Paris, which came with a smaller book on jams and jellies, tre yummy. I have Babel Fish ready for translation... Also from Paris, a Japanese Girls Style Book with the most adorable children's clothing, patterns included. I cannot wait to try one of them out! A little intimidated by the instructions in Japanese, but the illustrations seem to be really detailed, so this may not be a problem.

Last but not least in the slightest, this beeyoootiful velvet jacket that we both tried on in this wonderful store called Arigato in her home town of Mandeville, LA. She ended up getting one to travel to Paris with, and after much waffling I decided against it, a fashion error that I have since regretted. So my sweet friend surprised me with it. Can't wait for velvet wearing season.


  1. I think for the next big occasion in my life that earns my presents i want you to make me some clothes.

  2. ok, chels. as long as you don't mind them being size 6x. :-)
    I seem to be unable to make anything wearable for people larger than that.

  3. Hi there! I was wondering what the title was for the Japanese girls clothing book? Thanks!

  4. Stephanie and Mark,
    the title is simply "Girls Style Book" with some kanji below that, so here's the ISBN:


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