Friday, June 13, 2008

fabric happiness

This is some of the fabric I've picked up recently, mostly on my trip to Huntsville. Did I neeeed it? Nope. Do I have a specific project to use it on? Nope. Do I have a severe self control problem? Yep. My mom was tut tutting me as I piled it on the checkout table. She pointed out when she was sewing she never got to buy all that fabric just willy nilly and we must be rich. Not rich, just out of control. :-)

Mostly I bought it to make the girls some cute clothes which I can vaguely see in my head. I really love the balls and jacks fabric, thought it might make something cool for moi too. Also I now have the burning and urgent desire to quilt something, so this fabric will help there too.

The white with the green mulitcolor floral print is actually a set of thrifted cotton sheets bought at Mom's local treasure trove, Asbury Thrift Store. I feel free to experiment with that, since the cost was minimal.


  1. LOVE it! We need to have another sewing/craft day. That will probably have to wait, though, if everyone's summer is as busy as ours.

  2. Love the fabric! You should totally make a quilt, it is so fun and rewarding! When I was pregnant with Colby, two girls from church and I took a quilting class together. It was so much fun and I made a really cute quilt for Colby (if I do say so myself). :) Now that I have a girl, I think I may want to eventually try to do some dresses. We'll have to see if I ever get around to it. I still haven't even started a quilt for her yet!

  3. I ran across your blog last night via a link from someone I can't remember now. I've spent my entire nap time freedom reading your archives and have really enjoyed myself, so thank you! When I got to this particular post, I knew I had to comment. I live in Huntsville and actually had that ball and jacks fabric in my cart this very morning (blue, though, since I have boys). The Asbury Thrift Store is one of my favorites, too. I never seem to have much luck with fabric and sheets there, but I think maybe I know why :)

  4. Megan, Welcome!
    I was just visiting Huntsville again a couple weeks ago, and no trip to Asbury! :-( Maybe next time, I'll be in Hville again for a week at the end of June. I love Asbury! I love Hville too, most of my family lives there now, some out in Madison and some down by Airport Rd. It's a nice town!


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