Tuesday, June 3, 2008

make a kleenex holder

I finally tried a tutorial I've been meaning to get to, a cloth kleenex holder. I have really enjoyed having a lace kleenex holder given to me by my bosom friend, Robyn, from Brugge, Belgium. It is pristine and white (er...was pristine and white before living in my purse for months) and a whooole lot more aesthetically pleasing than the crinkly plastic wrap that purse-sized kleenexes come in.

I need about ten of these things, because I have to have kleenexes on me at all times. I decided to share the joy with my mom back on Mother's Day. Bella Dia's tutorial is actually for a Puffs pack of tissues, so I had to modify her measurements to fit my Kleenex packs, but it was the same steps for the rest.

I also added an overlap, a bias trim for contrast, and a button closure.


  1. Oh man, I thought this was a post about how to make the tissue cozy with the button closure! can you please tell me how you did it? I've printed Belladia's tutorial but haven't made that one. I use another one though. I have been trying to figure out the button business for a while....any advise?

  2. Hey, April. I just elongated Bella Dia's holder on both sides, so instead of a slit opening, they overlapped in the center by about a half an inch. Then I hand sewed on a loop and a button for a closure. Easy peasy. Does that help?

  3. Yes it does actually. I am giving my house a much needed break from the whir of the sewing machine now that the holidays are over, but when I make one I will be sure to let you know how it turned out. thanks again!

  4. Hi Larissa,

    What measurements did you use for the smaller kleenex pack?

  5. Sharon...egads, I have no idea right now! I sent that holder to my mom and neglected to make one for myself. I noticed this one on Martha in felt, but you could probably adjust it easily for fabric by adding in the seam allowances.


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