Thursday, June 19, 2008

make your own dress form

If you have a very good friend, and two rolls of duct tape, and some time, you can make your own custom dress form.

I recently sewed myself a 'simple' shirt, but was so frustrated with the resulting fit because my body does not fall in the average zone (I have wide shoulders and a short waist). I was talking this over with a sewing guru friend, Laura, and she mentioned this duct tape method. It is certainly low-cost and possibly even more effective than an expensive professional dress form.

So, this past weekend, Robyn and I researched this method and tried it out. You basically have your friend wrap you snugly from booty to neck in layers of duct tape (between laughing fits) while you wear only a long t-shirt and your usual undergarments. Here is a great link from Threads outlining several methods, including this duct tape method. And this is the one we used.

I still have to stuff and finish my dress form, but it looks woefully accurate so far. :-)


  1. Will you show it to me tomorrow? I am so in the mood to sew right now. I think this pregnancy is really messing with my brain!

  2. absolutely. if you promise not to laugh at the molded pot belly.

  3. No laughing here. The girls are constantly reminding me where my bellybutton is these days.

  4. at least yours is filled with a baby. Mine's filled with starbucks coffee ice cream.

  5. Why, oh why, did I not sneak some pictures of you that night??? (Kicking myself)


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