Thursday, June 5, 2008

matryoshka doll remix

I love matryoshka dolls. Even though I now realize I've been mispronouncing the name for an embarrassing amount of time. Don't you hate those moments? Ma-TROshka. Not Ma-tree-oh-shka. sigh.

Anyhoo, I have several sets but my favorite one is from our trip to Sitka, AK. She is done all up in most unusual colors, all my favorites: apple greens, oranges and blues. It makes me happy to look at her and all her babies lined up in a row.

Whilst meandering around the internet, I found two unusual takes on the matryoshka doll I'd like to try, one is a set made entirely of paper at Canon's Creative Park that you can download and print on your inkjet, and another is a sweet and simple free pattern by Maize Hutton for making a set from felt.


  1. i really love the ones made out of paper, cool blog :)

  2. So, randomly this post came up in the "you'll also like this stuff I wrote about a while ago" section at the bottom of todays post. And I LOVE Matryoshka dolls too. I lived in Russia for a year and came home with a LOT of them. And, you haven't exactly been pronouncing it wrong. Russian's use both, depending on part of Russia/Eastern Europe. It also depends on translation. I think in Russia they say Ma Tree Oshka, but the translation is Mat Roy shka. Kind of like Paris and Par EE... kind of. :)

  3. Hey, Pink, LOL. I wander a very crooked path on folks' blogs because of those 'you'll also like this' links. Another thing we have in common, our love for matryoshkas! I do so adore them and I envy your collection from Russia. I bring most of mine out at Christmas. Mat Roy shka. That sounds more authentic somehow. I'd love to go back to the shop in Sitka and get more. Also that place we ate borscht. MMMMmmm.


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