Monday, June 16, 2008


During Robyn's oh so brief weekend visit, we also packed in a trip to Anthropologie at Lenox Square Mall. This was about an hour's drive from my house. That might sound crazy, but living in Atlanta's sprawling metro area, everything is about an hour away from everybody, so it is no big deal.

It was every bit as wonderful as we hoped, and I wished I had a million disposable dollars with which to purchase everything they had. It took a long while to soak in the modern-vintage looking textiles, the tempting displays of porcelain hardware and dishes, the museum-worthy paper cutout art installations that hung from the ceiling, the drunk-with-color placemats, aprons and linens, the stunning pillows lampshades and bed linens, the eclectic and perfect decor items, and of course, the beautiful and unique clothes. I just love that place, can you tell?

I purchased two placemats that I hope to convert into some fresh couch pillows. My couch has been complaining about having the same ol' pillows for the last few years.

I also got a round napkin that has the sweetest scalloped edge and flower print. I must think of a creative way to make this into something.

My favorite score was the two nicely banged up wooden birds I've already hung on my wall. I really love them, and they fill the smallish space on my wall that needed a little something and a shot of color. And they will look better still with my new paint color, a fresh pear green, once I get around to doing it.

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