Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the blue peasant dress

I really love the way peasant blouses look, and I got a pattern for my girls to make some, Simplicity It's So Easy 3743. As usual, the pattern is too wide and too short, blah blah.

I've made two blouses so far (above). As I was cutting out the last one, I was thinking all I'd have to do to make a cute dress would be the lengthen it. Then I was inspired to design a dress based on the blouse.

So I made a new pattern by shortening the top to just below the arms, took yet more width out, lengthened the sleeves, and shortened the elastic used for the neck and sleeves so it would be more fitted.

Then I added three tiers of gathered fabric in slightly graduating widths. I got it too poofy the first time and had to backtrack. I also thought it would be cute to have a contrasting band of yellowy orange fabric in between each tier, so that made things more complicated. That's so me, why have a simple project when you can hopelessly complicate something already iffy? But I finally ended up with a dress that I think is so so cute.

I added a wee wool felt flower using the wonderful and simple pattern from Wisecraft, but reduced to 60% of the size, and I added two beads to finish it off. Since wool felt is not that washable, I made it a pin so I can take it off to wash the dress.

I was thinking of doing another dress, only leaving off the bottom tier to make it a tunic to wear with jeans and shorts. The actual construction of the dress was pretty easy, but it took a while to work out all the kinks with fit and length since I had no pattern for most of it. Now that that is done, the next one should be easier. If I can remember what I did!

I'd also like to try an adorable variation like the ones with aprons I've seen on The Handmade Dress (above). Maybe another blue one for my youngest with an a-line skirt instead of tiers and a little built-in apron. Aren't these adorable? I wish I had her color sense.


  1. Love them! Oh to have the time. I'm just going to have to make the time, I guess.

  2. So cute! I have been thinking that I would enjoy making cute clothes for Chloe, but I think that will have to wait. Monkeys first, then her quilt. :)

  3. I understand why you don't show your girls' faces, but I would love to see some pics of them (maybe on pleo) sometime! The last time I saw them Lydia was practically a newborn. I can tell from your little pic on pleo that they are beautiful!

  4. ... Please make me some clothes. Do I have to beg?

  5. Might you be selling your creations someday? I am quite a disaster when it comes to anything crafty and am in love with these dresses. Is there anything you DON'T do???

  6. Harrison, I guess i should never say never, but not anytime in the near future. It takes me so stinkin' long to sew anything for my own kids, I can't imagine I'd have enough time to sew for others! Especially during our home schooling years. Thanks for the compliment! And yes, you'll be glad to know that I cannot execute a cartwheel (or any other feat of physical coordination) even if my life depended on it.


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