Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the great 5x5 exchange cont'd

Here's the latest batch of charm squares for our exchange.
Above is what I got from Robyn for June. So pretty! Love 'em.
Below is what she's gettin' in the mail soon for July.
From left 1) from quilt shop in Fayetteville, TN 2) from quilt shop in Decatur, AL 3) yellow fabric originally chosen for a dress for R's daughter 4) scrap from little A's peasant dress 5) scrap of a vintage pillow case purchased while thrifting with Robyn in LA, and which I mangled last night attempting to make myself a top. Total disaster.

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  1. Oh, good, I'm so glad you posted a picture of the first set I sent. I was afraid I'd duplicated this time (because, of course, I didn't take my own picture). Love this new set - thanks!


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