Wednesday, July 30, 2008

kid crafts

ahhhhh...crafting with the kids. We recently had a day of fingerpainting. I always end up with a new perspective about crafts. Kids don't worry about messes, keeping the paint colors pure and staying in the lines. They don't worry about ending up with something that is Martha-worthy. They do worry about having enough blank paper and whether you are stingy with the paint.

When I my five year old says, "Mommy can we craft something?" (or from my youngest, "can we decowate someting?") it just makes me all misty-eyed. The Crafty Crow is a great resource site for all kinds of crafty projects to do with your kids.

For example, this stained glass project caught my eye, from In A Nutshell. Made with tissue, waxed paper, construction paper, a hot iron, animal images from the internet and glue. Grab the kids and have some crafty fun.

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