Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the great 5x5 exchange for july/august

Here's the latest installment in the 5x5 exchange between me and crafting bud Robyn. I'd add a link on Robyn's name to her craft blog, but it is still languishing out there in no man's land, neglected. It actually exists but has no posts. Robyn, do your duty and share your crafting genius with a craft-starved world! (I guess she is kinda busy. But still.)

Anyways, here are the fabulous squares she sent me for July, above. Aren't they pretty? And so color coordinated. It put me under pressure to coordinate mine for her for August.

These kinda go together, right? All in their un-ironed glory. From left: a square from a shirt I was trying to refashion like Robyn did to one she found at a thrift store. That project is on hold. Mine is a men's shirt, and it is baffling me. Of course, hers turned out perfect. The second is a snippet of the new Michael Miller I bought. Third up is a print I found at Hobby Lobby and love. I made my very first shirt for myself out of it. Next is a wee square from my new Amy Butler, which will hopefully become a fall dress for myself. Last is a sweet little print that went into my daughter A's peasant dress.

Can't wait to see what I get from her for August. (hint, hint)


  1. Okay, okay, Miss Pushy Pants. Your squares will be in the mail today. I need to step up my game with all of the fabric shopping you've been doing lately! (I love mine, by the way.)

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  3. no need to fabric shop, silly. just dive into that delicious stash you have under your crafting table.


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