Friday, August 15, 2008

new fabric, new project

I confess I treated myself to some new fabric the other day. I totally violated my resolve to use what I have first. BUT I couldn't resist! I really ought to develop some self discipline. Someday. These are (left) Amy Butler's Midwest Modern Martini Mustard, and (right) Michael Miller Ginger Blossom Tile Caribe. And I also got a little charm pack of Tula Pink's Nest. Oops. But I promise to use it for something!

So I have two patterns I'd love to try for myself, for a change. On the left, the sleeveless version. On the right, the sleeveless version with the v neck. I was thinking the gold/grey Amy Butler fabric would be good with the left one. Not sure which fabric I'd use for the other one, but these latest purchases seem too busy. I'll have to see if I have something appropriate in the stash. I see the Michael Miller fabric as a really cute skirt. Or bag.

I have learned one thing -- I'm not touching that new Amy fabric until I've made a cheap version from thrift fabric or muslin first. I do not have a pattern body. I'm square shouldered and short waisted. I have to make all kinds of adjustments and it drives me insane. One thing I do (did) have in my corner was the duct tape dressform my bosom friend Robyn helped me make for myself.

However, shortly after construction, the poor thing burst apart. I didn't reinforce the seam at the back, and after I stuffed it (probably too tightly) the tape at the seam couldn't handle the pressure. So now the stuffing is laying everywhere and I have to retape it and restuff it a second time. Meanwhile, my girls are having fun running across my craft room and jumping in the 'snow'.


  1. Ha! I so want to make a dress form for myself, but at this point, it would be a bit pointless.
    Love the fabric, though!!

  2. I just bought both of those fabrics too! I'm thinking of making a shower curtain from the tiled one.

  3. Sorry your form busted... Mom taped me last night, so I'll be calling for stuffing advice! Love the new fabrics.

  4. hehe! oh my that is funny looking. sorry you have to redo. those dresses look super purty!!

  5. I made the evening dress (on the left) for a holiday party.


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