Friday, September 26, 2008

the great 5x5 exchange for august/september

Sorry, Robyn, I've been remiss in my posting as well as my actual mailing of the 5x5s. This was Robyn's little packet to me for August. Aren't they beautiful together? Such rich colors. I especially love that beautiful floral lawn on the right edge. She is always scoring these wonderful fabrics in the most unexpected places. I saw it and felt its soft, super thin texture, and thought it might be a piece of Liberty fabric she bought while in Paris. Nope. Wal-mart. Sorry for the wrinkles in the photo. Feelin' lazy.

This is my selection to her for September. I focused on pinks. No special significance to any of the fabrics, except the pink/orange/green Amy Butler, which was one of the fabrics I used to make her daughter a tote. On a humorous/maybe creepy note, the snippet on the left is a piece of my old pair of pyjamas that I'm recycling. I promise they were laundered first.


  1. Have you made anything new with your 5x5 exchanges? I will have a sewing post coming up in the next couple of days (kind of a before and after). I finally completed a project!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Eeeeewww old pajamas... :) I can't wait to get mine this month. I think I know how I'm going to use my squares. You?

  3. I was looking at your side bar and saw the scrap booking stuff from Target's dollar section. I picked up some of the same stuff. They had some great finds, loved the fall paper and the cork alphabet! Shoot you could spend $100 in the dollar section, kind of a dangerous isle sometimes.


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