Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a bit of sewing

I'm glad to say I managed to finish a couple of projects. Yay me on the follow through.

My husband was recently out of town (his delightful and thoughtful wife gave him tickets to a NASCAR race in Charlotte, NC), and I can't sleep when he is gone. I just keep thinking how an axe murderer is probably prowling around the house and watching me through the windows, waiting for me to turn off the lights to make his move.

So, I sewed my daughter a dress instead of sleeping. It's the one on the right. I had seen these adorable dresses, so I decided to wing it. I modified a pattern I already had for a shirt to create an A-line dress with a high waist. I used some fabric I scored at the recent sale.

I am also proud to say I knocked something off the depressing WIPs pile in my sewing room, my old green and white print babydoll shirt which I turned into a dress for my daughter (on the left). It was so easy, just sewed a new back seam to make it smaller and re-attached the straps. Voila. This, of course, would have been more appropriate had I finished it in the summer, when it was added to the pile, but it will still work for fall with a T-shirt and leggings.


  1. I looooooooove the dresses!
    Specially the one in the right.

    There is something about little dresses.. they are always so cute! I love them! :)
    I wish one day I have a little grils to sew dresses for, when it's time.

    Kisses from Brazil!

  2. The dresses are cute. I love the print:)

  3. OMG, how pretty! The fabric and embellishments are just gorgeous!

    Well done!!!

  4. Sweet mini prints! On the left, is that the re-vamped babydoll? If so, it gives me an idea for these smocked sundresses from my Mexican honeymoon (3 sizes hem). Since I don't wear edwardian bloomers or Raggedy Ann face paint, the dresses would be better suited for my growing girl. Thanks for the idea (and for adding to my WIP pile). No really, thanks! :)

  5. hey, you gals! Thanks so much! MommyToAva, you are welcome, and yes, that is the revamped shirt, on the left. You go, with your ever-so-green repurposing of your (shrunken inexplicably) dresses! I'd love to see the pics if they ever make it off your WIP pile!

  6. Larissa:

    Adorable dresses! Thanks for buying a village frock pattern. You should probably be able to simply lengthen the skirt to make the dress big enough for your girl. Have a great day!

  7. Oh the dress is so pretty! I, too, can't sleep when the hubby is gone, however I never think to spend the time crafting! Instead I lay awake in bed listening for robbers....

  8. Pretty dresses. I like the combo of fabrics you used.

  9. Okay, just found your blog through SMS, and I had to stop and say that I have the same babydoll shirt! I got mine at TJ Maxx, and sadly, after baby #3 it doesn't fit so well anymore. ;) What a great re-use for it!


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