Friday, October 24, 2008

make some pod beads

If you have a paper punch and glue handy, you can make these uber cool pod beads. Here's the tutorial from Folding Trees.

WAIT A MINUTE. (crafting wheels creaking, right brain emitting chooka chooka sounds) I think these would also make some cooooool ornaments if you had a punch in a larger size. Could be so good either on their own or wired together to make a star. Hmmm...I must mull that one over a bit.

If you make some beads, you are invited to post them to the flickr group.


  1. Funny. Before I read your idea of making those into ornaments I was thinking that would make some awesome garland. Though that may be a bit time intensive :).

  2. oooh. yes, that garland would be
    A) beautiful
    B) worth a million bucks if you calculate time spent and/or tears cried.

  3. I think you're probably right.


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