Friday, October 17, 2008

make your own word garland

I made this good luck banner for a little going away party we had for a friend. It was fun and quick to do on my Mac and color printer. As I was looking at it, I remembered that the wonderful Jenny Harris of Allsorts made a cuter version of these same banner letters available for free download way back in 2006 for Halloween, seen below. I guess I reinvented the wheel.

image credit: Jenny B. Harris of Allsorts

I love the scalloped border she uses around the outside of the circles, and the ric rac! If you'd like to inject a little color you can print it out on colored cardstock, break out your markers, or use a photo program on your computer. She has generously made every letter available for you so you can customize what you want to say, for Halloween or any holiday. Thanks, Jenny!


  1. I like it! Good choice of colors!

    And I instantly remebered the one from Allsorts... :)
    I wanna make a garland like that for christmas, but I'm still thinking about where to put it, since here in Brazil we don't have fireplaces...

    Kisses from Rio!

  2. I love paper banners! They are so simple, yet make such a statement!!!! =] I am def. making one for Christmas! Now, just where to put it?! haha

  3. Your banners are so gorgeous!! What a beautiful fireplace area you have!

  4. cute banners! Wish I had a gorgeous mantle like that to display one on.

  5. Christy and Krissy, I cannot take credit for the gorgeous fireplace area -- that bottom photo is from Jenny Harris's own blog, and you are right, it is so beautiful! I can only aspire to have one so pulled together.


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