Monday, October 20, 2008

sad little WIPs

I recently realized that the constant mental strain of having a bunch of unfinished projects laying around my craft room, all glaring at me accusingly (perhaps a delusion caused by the mental strain), is going to take actual years off my life.

I start projects and then run into some kind of snag, or just can't finish in one sitting, then they get shunted aside and the next moment I'm free I blithely start something else. And I spend a lot of time thinking up new projects instead of finishing the ones I've started. It's a sickness. Is it just me?

1) letters that spell 'create' that were going to help inspire me, gathering a thick layer of dust while waiting to be covered with fabric and hung from my wall above the sewing machine

2) embroidery hoops purchased months ago to emulate the look of this I saw on the purl bee

3) my husband's ancient and now frayed baby quilt, inherited by my daughter, and for which I bought a new binding weeks ago. I cringe when I hear a small, plaintive voice saying 'Mommy, is my quilt fixed yet?'

4) the saddest WIP of all. A dress I was so freakin' excited to make for myself, and I ran into snag. I canNOT seem to 'ease' the sleeves as instructed. 'Ease'. ha. Sounds deceptively like 'easy'. So I stopped sewing, and started researching sleeve cap ease. I found an article on how it isn't really needed if you know how to make a sleeve pattern the old fashioned way. After which I started to redraw the sleeve pattern for this dress. Laid down and shunted. This is the one that glares the hardest.

6) pointless unfinished fabric postcard that was supposed to be mailed months ago to a little elephant lover that is now going on four, not three.

5) not pictured. Unfinished Katy Kitty pattern. sigh.

You also now know my shameful secret, that my craft room and office is an absolute train wreck. I get stressed out viewing pictures of other's exemplary craft areas, all neatly organized (not to mention exquisitely decorated) with a place for everything and everything in its place. All in a cheerful and bright color. More years off my life. Does anyone else admit to having an armpit for a craft area?


  1. You're not the only one--I have not one, but TWO quilts cut and ready to go, several cute jackets for my daughters lingering in my sewing stack (yes, a stack of unfinished projects), Halloween crafts that shall not be completed, etc. It's a creative person's curse, I tell ya!

  2. You're definitely not the only one! I have waaaaaaaaaay too many WIPs...some because I they took longer than I thought they would, some because I got frustrated, and some simply because I got bored and was itching to start another project. Oh, and right now I can barely see the floor in my craft room. I'm in envy of some of the crafters out there who are so organized!

  3. I am completely with you on the disorganization and WIP (or UFO's- un finished objects)found in my craft area. I am currently looking for some way to organize all my projects, so that I have room on the table to finish some of them!

  4. I love your blog and visit it often. I am the same way. Right now, I have two unmade dresses, the Molly monkey I wanted to try, a nursing cover, and a purse, to name a few.

    You are not alone.

  5. Hmmm...well, let's see...
    If we are all telling on ourselves and everyone promises not to tell anyone else, then I'll let you know where I am in my life. I am way behind in my homeschooling lesson plans in Homeschool Tracker. My dd is behind in History and Science for the school year so far. (Girl Scout meetings, Homeschool Baseball, etc. get in the way of "book work".) Laundry has taken up what looks like permanent residence on my couch. I'm still in the process of digging my way through the clutter that has taken over my office/school room. Way too many WIPs starring at me when I look around my house. I keep plugging away at it (better some days, others not at all). But right now my motto is this: "Everyday is a vacation." I am trying not to let the little things get to me (trying to keep my blood pressure down, literally). My motto helps me realize that I need to be thankful everyday and enjoy everday. Don't let all of these little things bring you down. It's hard, but I believe that you can do it.

  6. Pugslet, I won't tell, I promise, and thank you for the fresh perspective. I should continually recite my mantra verse, "Be anxious for nothing..." and also remember that in the big universal picture of things, whether or not I ever finish my WIPs is truly a small thing, and NOT to sweat the small things! thanks!

  7. Lol... Lovely and fun post! Looks like you're not alone, lol...

  8. Oh wow, did I get confused and write this on your blog b/c I can completely relate! I have unfinished projects b/c I couldn't quite get it right/perfect, got distracted by something else, frustrated etc. I also jump around from one to another b/c I get bored - I call this affliction Craft ADD. As far as the state of my craft room, I hear ya about seeing others w/ everything in its place. I organize mine then after 1 project, it's a disaster. I cannot help but make a mess when I work on something. It's a neverending cause of frustration until I get to the point where I just clean. I think I need to make it a rule to clean after each project (but how can that be when I overlap them?). I also have a long list of to do's. Oh well, it is what it is. :)

  9. Your not alone. I would like to think that we are in the majority with our WIPs. I can not count on both my hands how many WIPs I have (hang head). I have about 6 crochet and knitting WIPs--which were stopped because I either needed more yarn or ran into a snag and did not have time to figure it out. I was crocheting a little Tweety Bird for my daughter. She was so anxious for me to finish it. Well I finished crocheting it--but I did not have the felt for its eyes. SHe did not care and ran off to play with it. Then I was listening to her while she played with it--and she was talking to Tweety and said-- "Do you SEE this Tweety? Isn't it cute? OH YEAH--you don't have eyes." My daughter and I were laughing so hard. So late last night, I sat down and cut out and glued the eyes. Still need to tack them down with thread so they don't come off when she loves it.
    And as for my sewing WIPs---well that includes everything from curtains, to clothes, to the bag of fabric in the corner that I was hoping to make MOlly Monkey. (I was hoping to win the Kitty contest so that I would not have to worry about that WIP--but no such luck).
    But I do have a WIP that was actually good that I put it off. It is turning cold here and my daughter has grown two inches. All her pants look like "high waters." Then I remembered I had a lot of her clothes pinned, so I could hem them, still in the to do basket of sewing from LAST WINTER.(hang head). SO I ran in there and grabbed them out, took all the pins out and waa laa. She had clothes that fit and I did not have to buy new ones. I found 3 pairs of pants and 3 shirts. YEAH. I was so excited and relieved. SO something good can come out of putting things off!

  10. y'all, this hit close to the bone with crafters judging by the heartfelt comments. I have gotten some well-needed laughs out of your responses, and just wanted to say thanks to the Sisterhood of Crafting ADD.

  11. I keep my WIPs hidden away in baskets, so the guilt doesn't hit every time I walk in the room.

    I know what you mean about the little voice asking if something is made for them yet, especially when they see you starting new projects all the time.
    Maybe you could make #4 (your dress) into a sleeveless one, just put some bias binding on the exposed seam, and wear it with a long top underneath. At least you'll get to wear it.
    Maybe for #6 you could change it to 13, and send it to the elephant lover in a "few years time".

    Or maybe a WIP swap is in order, we all finish each other's WIPs and then give them back...

  12. I have collected embroidery hoops from thrift stores for exactly the same reason! I saw that post too! But, as like you, haven't done them yet :) Soon!

  13. Boy, do I ever know what you're talking about!! I started my blog about my crafts in the [vain] hope it would motivate me to get some things done, now my blog is on the list of WIP's that just sit there. At least you're getting that part done. I'm not even taking pictures of the things I have managed to complete - yuck!

  14. Oh, if this is a sickness, let me know if you ever find the cure--or maybe we can set up some kind of association or foundation--my craft room and WIPs are just as "bad"!! I agree with Chandra--it's the creative person's curse!

  15. I love the elephant. It'll still be a great present at 4 yrs. old.
    My craft area is kinda picked up, not really, and hopefully no one will ever look in the cupboards..


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