Friday, November 14, 2008

it's not even my birthday

I found a little present buried between two huge binders on my craft shelves. It's a sewing pattern magazine I bought waaaay back when I was in the Netherlands last fall. It was placed there for safe keeping and promptly forgotten. Robyn, doesn't that little model on the cover look like lil' A to you?

I'm pretty excited to have unearthed it, I forgot how cute all the little clothes are, and this will be a bit easier to work with than my Japanese pattern book because I can guess what some of it says, and when I'm stumped I can resort to Babel Fish.

If I'm reading it correctly, it has 32 different patterns. Great gophers! The pattern pages are a huge tangly jumble, but thankfully color coded, unlike my Japanese book (which I still love and adore, but which scares me).

Look at this little poof-sleeved jacket! I guess if I would only organize my craft train wreck a bit more often, I wouldn't miss out on cool stuff like this.


  1. Hey - did I buy one of those? (I, too, suffer from craft pit syndrome.) And, yes, that does resemble someone I know. :)

  2. hmmm...I can't remember. You were looking for the Ottobre but they didn't have it. Start looking under stuff and maybe it will turn up! :-)

    I do remember the embarrassing bag they put it in that I had to stuff in my purse.

  3. woohoo! looks like you've got lot of pretties to sew and enjoy! yes, japanese craft books kinda scare me too!

  4. This is sooooo nice! Thanks so much for sharing! Even I don't understand a word of the site, lol...

  5. Knippie is a great dutch pattern book! i often buy them here in the Netherlands.... Mostly the pattrns are easy to make and have great result!!!

    Love Miranda


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