Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sorry, Robyn. I totally Aunt Clara'd on month five of our Great 5x5 Exchange. So, here in month six, which is better than month seven, is my final installment to you of our 25 charm square exchange.

And, um. Do you have a little something you need to send to me?

The above was Robyn's fine selection sent to me for the month of September. Which arrived on time, unlike mine to her. I especially love that Denyse Schmidt County Fair fabric.

And at long last, here is my selection to her for October. Although it's now November. All of which are snippets from my trip to the warehouse sale.


  1. Whoops. Getting right on that. And I'm just going to assume that your post title was meant for yourself... ;)

  2. First of all I love that you said you "Aunt Clara'd" and second I would love to know where you got the little yellow/orange rose fabric. I need it :) xo

  3. SweetMeat, that would be a question for my bosom friend, Robyn. I'll email her. since she still has no blog of her own. ahem.

  4. SweetMeat, so glad you like the yellow rose fabric. I'm a sucker for yellow myself these days. I got it at Hancock's, the only fabric store within 30 miles of Nowheresville, where I live. It's there every time I go, with the quilt fabrics. Good luck!


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