Friday, November 7, 2008

mmmpretty colors

image: CraftStylish, contributor Jeffery Rudell

Do you find each year as the new holiday decorations come out, that you experience the sudden urge to toss out everything you currently have in your attic and start fresh with that new look/color scheme that you simply must have that doesn't blend with anything you already have? Nevermind that the decorations that you had last year were positively the one and only perfectest thing you'd ever want to have for holiday decorating, promise.

Anyhoo, that is the feeling I got when I saw this easy paper wreath via One Pretty Thing at Craftstylish.

I really wish I could like the same color scheme for more than one minute altogether. It makes it extremely difficult to commit to a paint color for walls. But that is a whole other dysfunctional issue.


  1. I feel the same pain every time I walk through the new Christmas displays. One year it's the traditional reds and green, the next maroons and navys, the next teals and purples. I have just forced myself to go pretty traditional so that it will never go out of style. (Kind of boring, I know.)

    That looks like a great project! Colby and I are really getting into doing projects together. Our most recent one didn't turn out too hot though. Oh well, at least they are always fun!

  2. I love this decoration! I too am very fickle when it comes to colors. I love brights, I love subtle...
    ~Emily in Norway


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