Wednesday, November 5, 2008

scads of holiday handmade goodies

If you are looking for some ideas for handmade gifts this season, you are in luck. There are several notable blogs featuring daily and weekly inspirations so you can stay away from the mall this year. These are the ones I know about. Tell me about the ones you find. I could always use 1000 more ideas to distract myself from what I currently need to accomplish.

Sew, Mama, Sew! Handmade Holidays
CraftStylish Dare to Make It: Holiday
Skip To My Lou
Handmade Holidays Through the Year
One Pretty Thing - great roundups of whatever seasonal ideas are current

I have all these projects swimming around in my head with that usual feeling of tragic excitement. The tragic part comes in when it turns out I only have time to make one of my ideas before Christmas.

And also don't forget the idea treasure trove you can find at Martha Stewart, which features a Craft of the Day. To reveal how sadly compulsive I am, I'll tell you that I've clipped and filed every likely craft idea from MS Living and Real Simple for years ('likely' as in nothing requiring gesso or gold leaf). Now I have these four huge categorized binders. I love the internet as a resource, but nothing beats having an idea book in my hands.


  1. Aww, thanks so much for the mention! It's an honor to be listed in such crafty company!

  2. thanks for all the great links! I enjoy your blog :)

  3. Cool, thanks! I have aspirations to make a bunch of gifts but time's a tickin' and I haven't started yet. I can't schedule projects, I just do what inspires me and currently they're not what I'm supposed to make as gifts. So you have binders, too, eh? Plastic sleeves? You're good - I don't have mine categorized. They end up just getting lost in there.

  4. Great links! I try to make most of my gifts but I know what you mean about so many ideas and so little time.

  5. actually, i think you have the right idea with the craft binders. it drives me crazy when i remember a project or recipe from one of my MS Livings BUT i cannot remember which issue!


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