Friday, November 21, 2008

viking love from Herzensart

Image by Herzensart

Image by Herzensart

I'm swooning today for these wonderful Viking and Knights Templar softies created by the immensely talented Sandra Monat, apparently with vital assistance from her blue sheep, Friederike!. Her work made the cover of Whipup's new calendar, and that's where I found the link.

I've just spent an entranced half an hour trolling through her blog and website, which pegged the meter on my inward Creative Envy Gauge.

What a kickin' gift idea for the poor, neglected, handmade softie-less boys in your life. And of course she has some girl stuff too.


  1. Oh, those are wonderfull!!
    I love them!!
    YOu are right, it's a great idea for the poor neglected boys!!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  2. Oh, I just noticed the little dragon pet on a leash. Those are wonderful!

  3. I love these... I just finished the chapter in my New World history book about the Vikings!

    I learned that the helmet worn by the puppet on the top is the historically accurate one, while the horned helmets were born in the imagination of 19th century opera costumers.

    Still, both are totally cute!

  4. oh thank you! We are very pleased :)
    Friederike! and Sandra


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