Monday, December 1, 2008

experimenting with paper/fabric ornaments

I hope one and all had a great Thanksgiving! I am theoretically on the road back home as this is posting.

I saw an ornament tutorial here that was supposed to be for creating ornaments using a 4x6 photo, and I thought it would be cute using fabric and paper.

I used spray adhesive to glue two different fabrics to cardstock. Then I cut the cardstock into 1/2" x 4" strips of each color.

Then I punched holes in the ends and threaded one end of alternating colors onto a piece of wire that I had looped and strung with one decorative bead. After which I discovered I put too many blue strips on (like in the photo), so I took one back off. You want the same number of each color so you don't get two of the same color right next to the other. Then I put more beads on the wire, then the other end of the strips, then another bead and snipped off the wire and finished with a loop.

I was not thrilled with the result because the strips of paper/fabric I used were too thick. When they are stacked together it makes quite a bit of thickness, so the ornament is not perfectly round, it is a bit wonky, see above. I guess to solve this I could try using thinner paper next time and skipping the fabric, but that might mean a fairly flimsy ornament.

I made another one and this time instead of punching holes in each end and stacking them, I glued the ends symmetrically around a paper circle that I had punched a bitty hole in, then did the same on the other end. I looped the end of some pipe cleaner I had, added a bead, and a punched flower, then fed it through both circles.

I squashed the ornament to be the desired roundness and then flowered, beaded and looped the other end. This one is better because is it not wonky, although it is messier to make with all the glue involved. I may try this again with staples instead of glue and see what I get. Also the inside is not very interesting all in white. It would look even better to incorporate some color on the other side of the strips. Back to the drawing board!


  1. wow.. this ist really a great idea... and it looks beautyful:o)

  2. Yes, the one that isn't stacked looks nicer. Love the teal and red, one of my fav color combos at the moment. Looks beautiful. It would definitely be fun to have an interior color, that would be a nice touch. Beautiful and fun! Thanks for sharing :).

  3. thanks, y'all! so many christmas crafts, so few days in December.

  4. Great idea, Larissa! And nice choice of colors. The second one does look even more pretty. Though I like the first one too... Maybe when it's just hanging from somewhere we won't even notice its wonkyness :)

    Kisses from Brazil!

  5. I love your take on it. You one-up'd the original.


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