Monday, December 8, 2008

it's looking like christmas around here

Hello again!
Craft party and no pumpkins in the yard, accomplished.
Coffee and mulled cider, swilled.
Thousands of calories, devoured.
Bird ornaments, mostly done.
Pomanders, completed.
One hot flash, endured (not by me, but if you have a grouping of women, you can count on at least one of these).
Laughter, good natured ribbing, and even pomander missile launching, experienced.
Company of friends and Christmasy ambiance, thoroughly and utterly enjoyed.
(Pictures were taken, but not sure I can share them here, they'd probably kill me)

I gathered materials for us to make Betz White's pomanders, except I had no felted wool and no time to thrift sweaters, so we made them from felt and they turned out fine, except with smaller rosettes. I'd possibly go with a smaller styro ball in future to compensate. I also offered up a couple of bird ornament patterns, one I designed and also a very cute owl ornament pattern by Anna Maria Horner (via Craftzine). There were also the options of 1) bringing your own WIP and 2) just coming for the food.

Michael was safely miles away from the hen party. My two little lasses were home and so super good, having a little party of their own all tucked up in their beds watching Mary Poppins as a treat (I transported a TV in there for the occasion, which they thought was so cool), and occasionally wandering into the kitchen in their flannel jammies to get cookies and hugs, and offer to help with crafts.

Now I'm disappointed it is over and I need to plan another one.


  1. Success! Well done larissa! :D

  2. Sounds like a blast! My good friend and I have been having crafting Tuesdays. Our kids play while we work on our holiday projects. It has been fun, but not sure it will happen this week because we have all had the stomach flu. Boo!

    Your decorations look great. I love the mantel!

  3. Everything is lovely, but what really caught my eye was the construction paper Christmas trees on the cabinet. I want to do that with my little one!

  4. How wonderful! I love all your Christmas decorations!

  5. So pretty, Larissa!! ^^

    Congrats on accomplishments!!

    You made me jealous, I wanna host a crafting party too! =)

    Kisses from Brazil!

  6. Your house looks lovely, Martha Stewart couldn't have done it better. I love those little glitter and paper trees, I think my kids would love to make them.


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