Monday, January 26, 2009

ariadne at home

images via Ariadne At Home

Thank you thank you thank you, Christy!

Have you ever seen something super cool online that really wowed you, then forgotten to bookmark it and then no matter how you rack your tormented brain or search in vain on Google you cannot find it again? Well, I have. And now that Christy just posted about the very thing I lost, she's made my A List.

It was this dutch home mag, Ariadne at Home, similar to MS Living in that it has scads of project ideas online, from the current issue all the way back to January 2006. Don't let the language barrier scare you away, click around and you'll find some inspiration at the very least, and projects if you are willing to decipher. If you get really confused, Babel Fish translation might help.

The projects above are 1) Paper board houses, April 2008, 2) Bed decorated with hearts, Feb 2008 3) Airplane toybox, Autumn 2007, 4) Cutout table, Feb 2006


  1. Oh that's always nice and very exciting! Those houses are amazing!

  2. You're welcome Larissa! I didn't have a clue you were looking for it all this time. What a happy synchronicity! :)

  3. That's soooo cute, Larissa!
    I love specially the cardboard houses.
    I'm going to check out the link!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  4. wow. that stuff is fabulous. glad you "remembered"!


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