Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Remember how much you loved Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup as a kid? Well, this is kinda like that only it actually looks and tastes delicious to an adult.

image via REAL SIMPLE

It's from Real Simple, and here is the actual, readable, printable recipe on their site. I followed it with one exception, I used chicken stock instead of water, but cut the salt if you do that.

I tried it out on some friends the other day, and we all loved it. Licked the pot clean. I served it with a tried and true salad practically all the women friends in my life adore and make all the time. Girl food rules. All variations on the following:

bag o' baby spinach or field greens
sliced fresh strawberries
some kind of crumbly stinky cheese (feta, Gorgonzola, etc...)
walnuts or pecans
all the above tossed with poppy seed or strawberry vinaigrette dressing
It's slap yo mama good.



  1. I love Real Simple and their recipes. I've used quite a few of them and they are always really good and real simple (sorry, couldn't resist) :). I haven't tried this one yet, I'll have to add it to my meal plan for next week. Thanks!

  2. That is my favorite salad recipe too, but sometimes I add mandarin oranges too. Yummy!

  3. When I tagged along on a shopping trip with my future mother in law last week, that was the first I had ever heard of bean and bacon soup. She couldn't believe I had never heard of it, so I have a feeling she's going to have me try it this week.

  4. megwest, I hope she uses this recipe instead of subjecting you to the condensed canned version. I loved it as a kid, but then I also ate spoonfuls of powdered non-dairy creamer with relish, so a kid's palette is just weird.

  5. I always thought I was the only one who liked Campbell's bean with bacon soup. So good to find other people who liked it as much as I did. That was my go to comfort food as a child. (Easy for me to make myself at such a young age!) I wouldn't touch any canned soup now. Only homemade soup for me!

    My husband is a card carrying member of the bacon of the month club and we just received the latest shipment of applewood smoked bacon. I'm going to talk him into letting me use some of the bacon for this recipe. Thanks!

  6. Oh! I forgot how much I loved that soup as a little girl until I read this.
    I may just have to make this for dinner. Nothing goes better with snow than great soup!

  7. This soup looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Okay, so I tried to reproduce your soup the other day before I knew it was from Real Simple. FYI: Martha's recipe, which I used, is not as good. Not at all. Thanks again for a great meal and stay!


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