Monday, February 16, 2009

finally. sheesh.

image via Viola & Pearl

(this is posted while I'm technology-less in California via the (tiny stars sparkling here) magic of blog scheduling)

My bosom friend, Robyn, who is mentioned in about 90% of my posts has finally started her own blog. Yay! Go visit to say hi, and perhaps tell her to post some of her bomb-diggety craft and sewing projects. She has about a million.

Ok, no more posts til I get back. See yas!


  1. The monkey is a Blah-Blah doll. They have the cutest stuff! Do a search online, I love the mermaid. My son has the boy monkey in grey.

  2. Hi Larissa - Decided to come leave a comment on your blog, as you kindly visited my new blog! Just thought I would let you know what a small blog-world it is - I thought your name sounded familiar so I checked out your blog and discovered why, Molly Monkey!
    I made one for my daughter for Christmas! We both love her!
    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind thoughts! :)


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