Monday, February 2, 2009

it's a girl multicard

I designed this card a while back for a baby shower and several have asked if it would be available to buy. So now it is!

It is in the form of a multicard, which means it has three functions:

1) A congratulatory card with a blank inside
OR adhere one of two add-ons to the inside and you have:
2) A shower invitation
3) A birth announcement

Above is color option 2 with a shower invitation add-on ready to glue in.

Above is color option 1 with the announcement add-on in place.
There's room for a picture of the newborn on the inside cover.

Here are some closeups of the cards. The huge 'mmmcrafts 2009' is of course not on the PDF. I just noticed these jpgs look a little fuzzy, but click on them to see it bigger. The actual files are very crisp.
Option 1:

Here is option 2:

If you can print a PDF and wield an X-Acto knife, then this multicard is right up your alley. The finished card measures 4.25 x 5.5, and fits in standard invitation envelopes.

Visit my shop to buy.


  1. Those turned out SO cute! What a great idea to give two color options.

  2. Oh, those are just adorable! I love cards with inserts...I'll have to keep this in mind for the (gulp) next baby :)

    Amanda @ /

  3. how cute is that? i love the diversity of it too.

  4. So, so cute, Larry. But - am I missing something? I don't see it in your shop. By the way, we'll need some custom BOY announcements in a few months...

  5. Oh, that is so cute! It makes me wish I had babies like.. NOW! haha

    Tiffany @

  6. Very sweet design Larissa! Too bad I don't have babies.

  7. robyn, thanks for the heads up. for some reason it was inactive in the listings, so I fixed it!

  8. Christy, it also works for a congratulations card, so that is a great excuse for baby cuteness.


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