Friday, February 27, 2009

make a cuddly creepy from RevoluzZza

image from RevoluzZza

I was hoping to finish a wee little shirt from my beautiful Girls Style Book to post about today, but it is rainy and gloomy and not a good day to take nice pictures. Also, I'm not finished. So that's for next week.

Instead, here is a simple tutorial I ran across in my recent flickr trolling, a lil' stuffed Monster Ninni softie from Berlin soft toy maven, RevoluzZza (I've been a long time admirer of Revoluzza, check out all the softies she makes, they're entirely delightful).


  1. Really, really cute. I owe G an alien, so I'll have to check out her stuff for inspiration. Monster...alien...that's close, right?

    Can't wait to see the blouse. Did you use that tutorial we looked at way back when?

  2. oooh, it turned out so cute! I'm going to make more!
    it's the one on the cover. You mean the tutorial from Purl about the kanji? yes.

  3. can't wait to see the blouse. must have turned out really nice if you want to make more.
    have a good weekend!

  4. This little monster is too cute!

    Love your blog - just happened upon it a few days ago!

  5. Hey, just wanted to tell you that you've inspired my mom - she's making this into a tooth pillow for G.

  6. Hello. I'm Karola. A Christian too who loves art and making things and coffee. Am in the UK. I'm looking for a simple pattern to make a robin for my husband for Christmas. Sort of fat, with pipe cleaner feet! Do you know of anything. Your site is very sweet. Thanks.

  7. Hi there. I'm a Christian too who loves making things, art and coffee. You have a really nice site. I'm looking for a sewing pattern so I can make my husband a cuddly robin for Christmas. Do you know of anything? Thanks.


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