Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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Misc. Item 1
For those of you who don't already know, lmop and also small magazine have released recent issues. I always love paging through those. I see some favorite etsy sellers on small's 'Spring Dreams' spread! Also Living Creatively is always worth a troll-through.

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Misc. Item 2
I recently saw a really great movie you may have never heard of. Penelope, starring Christina Ricci. Quirky. Loved it. Also Michael and I saw Coraline, and I was truly wowed by all the crazy handcraft and amazing stop-motion animation (the garden scene!). I think the story is pretty dark though, not for little'uns. And of course the dedicated homemaker is revealed to be Evil Demon Lady. That agenda is becoming a bit frayed at the edges, methinks.

Misc. Item 3
If you are looking to blow ten minutes or so, you can participate in this meme that Allsorts posted about recently and it is quite amusing. Google the term 'unfortunately, _____' with your first name substituted for the blank and see what amusing and/or perplexing statements appear. And share it with me, if you like!

A couple of my results:

"Unfortunately Larissa was at the centre of another embarrassing episode for Cipriani, as it was later revealed after their liaison, she was actually born a man."

"Unfortunately, Larissa was observed at superior conjunction in the first set and inferior conjunction in the second set." (which becomes a bit clearer when you find out that Larissa referred to here is actually one of Neptune's moons).

Misc. Item 4
I am reading yet another Terry Pratchett fictional work of genius, Making Money. I recently finished the previous book, Going Postal. How can you not love a character who has a name like Moist Von Lipwig?

Misc. Item 5
I'm becoming a Great Aunt in about 8 mos. (Erin! eeeee!) I guess I should start the search now for a somber high-necked dress, a lap dog named Tricky Woo and a fussy tea set.

Misc. Item 6
And lastly, an observation about my two daughters that may or may not have future meaning. Four year old's request for breakfast this morning: "Bowl of cheewios, pwease."

Six year old wanders in. Her request for breakfast: "I'd like some chocolate milk. In the red cup. You know that soft bread I had yesterday? No, that soft bread? (pointing) This stuff. Ok. I want this bread toasted with butter on it and also with honey. And I want it made so it's like a sandwich. And also I would like some scrambled eggs." Then as an afterthought, "Please."

(Guess which one takes after me?)


  1. How do you have time to craft and read?

    Don't you already have a tea set? :) Congrats on the upcoming event!

    I can just imagine the little ones requesting their breakfast. Amazing how 2 girls can be so much alike and so different at the same time.

  2. We also loved Penelope at our house. We are looking forward to seeing Coraline, but i agree about the "evil" housewife image. i will point out that that image ( more crazy, less evil) will become useful once your little girls become teens with boys hanging around. I don't care if they think i'm insane, just don't mess with my daughters. If you can"t fight it, work with it. I really liked the misc ramblings, You feel like someone I've know a long while.

  3. Hi, I love your blog! I tagged you on my blog for a Sisterhood Award.

  4. Did you send that second kid to IHOP?

    Thanks for the tip on the card. Of course I am going with a hybrid of all the pics. And of course, don't like it but out of time.

  5. I loved both Coraline and Penelope...oh here are some examples of "unfortunately, me....
    oh, again....I've linked you on my blog...

    Unfortunately, Hilary's husband was an agressive and arrogant boor.

    Unfortunately, Hilary has been fighting this battle as a man.

    Unfortunately Hilary can rarely take botanical commissions at the moment due to time pressures.

    Unfortunately, Hilary’s summer fruit roulade was not the winning formula, but she still had an thoroughly enjoyable day.

    maybe I'm cheating because my name's Hilary and there are quite a few famous Hilary's

  6. Jessica, ok, this is how you can do it:
    first of all, subtract your two youngest children. Now leave your bathroom uncleaned. Allow folded laundry to accumulate in gravity defying towers on top of the dryer. now stay up waaaay past your usual 9 pm bedtime. ta da!

  7. Mom of 5, the unbalanced mom persona will definitely work for me, but really by the time they are teens I'm counting on Michael's plan to be sitting on the couch, cleaning his guns, and casting meaningful looks at any boys in our living room.

  8. Mama King, how sweet! thanks a bunch!

  9. "Unfortunately, Kim is a talented person but sleeping around in this industry is only going to defame her reputation."

    “Unfortunately Kim is something we seem to have to tolerate on this site...”

    Unfortunately, I share a name with Lil' Kim & Kim Il Jong! Have a great day! Kim (aka Mama King)

  10. "Unfortunately, Robyn focuses a little bit too much on herself..." Sigh.

    Loved Penelope, missed the dedicated homemaker = evil demon reference in Coraline (cool movie, though - but what's up with those pasties? Ugh).

    Congrats to Erin!

    Oh, and Abby = mini-You, for sure. And me, too, for that matter. :) We're not HM, we just have discriminating taste.

  11. Larissa, my husband did the cleaning gun thing. Our girls don't date, it's a modified "courting"( our house, or his house with parents,or group activities). when our oldest had a suitor, he had to come for dinner, have a talk with my husband( his character, walk with the Lord, family , etc... were discussed). The guns definitely came out. You are in for fun.

  12. Mom of 5, I see SOOOO much wisdom in the whole concept of courting as opposed to dating, for both boys and girls. We hope to know a lot more about it by the time the need arises!

  13. Tricky Woo? Seriously? I wanted a lap dog with this name too. Wow! :) Thanks for all the great info!

  14. Hi Larissa!

    I'm hoping to go to the movies to watch Coraline too.. I hope we can go this week!

    About LMNOP, I love it too!
    Specially now, with the baby coming, it is full withh great ideas and eyecandy images... =)

    And about your kids... ahahahahah! That was hillarious!! ^^

    Finally, about the Allsorts game:
    I could find only one sentence.
    That's fine, because I thought I would find none, as my name is in portuguese.. So here it goes:
    "Unfortunately thalita doesn't seem to have found the time to write anything by way of an introduction yet, but hopefully that will soon change"

    Kisses from Rio!!

  15. I agree 100 percent about Coraline not being for young children except for my daughter (she is almost 4)...her favorite movies include Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse naturally I took her to see Coraline and she LOVED it. She is a bit odd that way!
    I have seen Penelope and thought it was a perfectly lovely little movie...two thumbs up for that one!

  16. I love Penelope! I own it, and it is definitely one of my favourites. I've been wanting to see Coraline, I'll have to do that soon.

    I've been reading your blog for awhile, but have never commented, and I just want to say that I love it. I have you linked from my blog.

    "Unfortunately Kaye could not prevent both bikes from going over and she was pinned between the bikes." (scary!)

    "Unfortunately, Kaye could not resist turning Brando's lessons into the Tony Kaye show." (Tony Kaye directed American History X)

    "Unfortunately Kaye is responsible for this with the outrageous claims in the first place." (Probably)

    I was hoping for a Danny Kaye "unfortunately", but it didn't happen. Oh well!

  17. Kaye, thanks for your first comment and for the linkage!

    Amy, you have one brave little kid! :-)

  18. #1: I used to love magazines, now I read blogs
    #2: Going to see Coraline tomorrow! YAY!
    #3: Fortunately for this Sarah, some other Sarah did this a few days ago, and aside from her blog showing up second all the posts were the same
    #4: I love Terry Prachett, and my husband, for whom I originally bought the books because they are a combination of many things he loves, doesn't understand how I can make it through them!
    #5: Congrats - nothing like a new generation to make one feel old.
    #6: I love the funny things kids say. Especially when they're not being funny.


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