Friday, February 6, 2009


I have a couple of new things to play with. First is this scratch 'n dent secretary we bought on clearance months ago, way back last May for pete's sake. The wall it needs to go on was occupied by my husband's piano that no one uses (I know, it is a little sad to have an unused piano). So the secretary has been languishing in our garage and I've been trying not to hit it with the family truckster for months while we tried to sell the piano.

So now the piano is gone (thank you Craigslist) and this thing is finally sitting in the house. It has a lot of potential, and I am wondering what I'm going to fill it with, exactly. It looks so neutral and a little blah right now. I can really see some colorful things on the shelf, or maybe even some experimental glass painting or fabric blinds for the doors in case I need to hide uglies.

There are some problems, for instance it is missing some hardware. Some that is easy to replace like magnetic door closures, some not so easy, like this lock cover. Anyone know of a specialty hardware place that has stuff like this, hopefully on the cheap? Ace and Home Depot, not so much.

The other toy that I am so torqued about is this, from my sweet hubby. I've never had a Wacom tablet and I am really excited to try it out. Do you like yours?


  1. That secretary is awesome! Like you said, so much potential. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    I am also looking forward to see what magical, fabulous things you design with your tablet. I don't have one, but they seem like a lot of fun. Enjoy!

  2. Historic Houseparts (on the web) may have the parts you're looking for and I've bought stuff from there and they weren't expensive, I just bought picture rail hooks though. Love the secretarial. I instantly saw fabric lining the back wall of the top part and some interesting plates or vases in front of them you'd see through the glass, but that's just me :)

    I used to have a Wacom tablet when I worked as a graphic designer and loved mine! I can't imagine not liking one, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it. I especially loved the control you have in photoshop with the pressure in the brushes.

  3. Lots of fun new thingies. Love the secretary! Looks much better in the living room than in the garage. ;)

    I like debra lynn's idea of the fabric on the back wall. I was thinking paint, but the fabric could be changed out easily!

    Can't wait to see what new things you create with the Wacom tablet.

  4. did you finish your tooth pillow?

  5. My husband loves his Wacom, he uses it exclusively more mouse. it takes some getting used to but you can do some awesome things with it. Have fun!

    Other fun and fabulous thing I've seen done with furniture like that is to put fun wallpaper on the inside back walls to create a backdrop for your pieces. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  6. I am aggravated about no pics too, I am going to have them bring their plate insert back next month when we make the next one so I can get pictures. They were all different which I think is cool. I blame it on age. Memory is going. I did not even notice you had a piano! I like the "new" piece. Did Marc have latches?


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