Monday, March 30, 2009

bbb winners

As my mom has been sometimes heard to exclaim:

Oh my STARS and garters!

Sitting here, freshly back from out of town, just blown clean away by all the comments, humor, encouragement, support, chest thumps, shameless lobbying for bunnies, and just outright straight up salt-of-the-earth NICENESS of all the responses. Thank you just one thousand times for helping me celebrate mmmcrafts' birthday in such style. Great Scott!

I even picked up a new adjective: fantasmagorical. Clearly a powerful word to have on hand.

And now the moment you might have skipped all the other irrelevant stuff to read:
Using a random number generator, the winners are as follows.
Winner of the Baby Binky Bunny and accompanying binky, MyLadyB.
Winners of your choice of Baby Binky Bunny or Katy Kitty PDF sewing pattern: The Werner Family, and Blakely.

If you guys haven't received my comment on your blog, please get in touch with me via email. Congratulations! Now to say my goodbyes to the bunny...(loudly blowing nose)

Looking forward to another year of (sometimes maniacal) crafty journaling, Lord willing. Thanks again, everybody.


  1. Larissa: Your bunnies are so amazingly beautiful! I'm sorry I missed the drawing!

  2. I gave Jess her BBB and she loved it! Thanks again!

  3. As for your question, you do :). But not for long, I finally get to go to my first appointment today!

  4. I've just discovered your site - and I've also discovered the joys of sewing. You are such an inspiration and your work is just sooo beautiful. Congratulations and God bless.

  5. Well, had no luck with random number generator but I won't's just pricless to folow your blog and sometimes also folow your example ;-)...thanks!

  6. I got Baby Binky Bunny today! He is even more adorable in person than in his pictures. Thank you so much for your generosity, he is a much welcomed addition to our home :).

  7. ohhhh, I've missed the dead line to be part of this lovelly giveaway!! =(

    But it's ok, CONGRATS to the winner! I'm sure she will love the bunny, for it is impossible not to! ^^

    Kisses from Rio!


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