Wednesday, March 25, 2009

do you know...

Do you know you can easily search this blog? Blogger provides this built-in handy tool, but sometimes it is hard to see and a lot of folks can overlook it. It's at the top left of the blog and looks like this:

This comes in real handy when you do not know the date of a particular post, and you don't feel like trolling through a bunch of entries to find something. I use it myself on my own blog quite a bit, when I'm looking for a post I did way back when.

Do you know you can subscribe to this blog and many others you read, and be automatically notified when a new post is published or even when comments are posted, via several blog reader services? I have a handy link for that in the right hand column under the words "Subscribe To:".

Do you know that if you can't see enough detail in the (tiny, horribly compressed) pictures within the posts, that most times you can click on them and a bigger, clearer picture will open?

Do you know
that when I reply to your comments, it is posted in the comments themselves? Time does not allow me to reply to each one, but I do try to answer any questions and welcome newcomers, and also offer (hopefully) witty comebacks to you comedians out there. You can click the option to receive responses when you leave your comment.

Do you know how much I truly truly appreciate your comments? I love reading them all, and they keep me so motivated and encouraged. You really are a swell bunch of people, and I like ya.

Do you know that if my youngest child can stop throwing up, I'll be out of town to visit my family for a long weekend starting tomorrow? So my shop will be closed for those few days, but will open back up when I return home on the 30th.

Lastly, just a note to say I've updated the Molly Monkey pattern, so if you already have this pattern you might consider getting the latest. The instructions are updated to embroider the face first before sewing the face piece to the head, and also the pattern itself is now one 9-page PDF file, instead of 9 separate files. Yay!


  1. Hope your little one feels better soon and you enjoy your weekend away. I'm jealous, I don't get to see my family till June! Have a great time.

  2. Ah, but Blogger DOES offer a good way to send comment replies to a person's email! :-) I think it's only to those with Blogger accounts, though. Once a commentor is logged in to their account (might have to fill in the word verification and then click PREVIEW first before publishing), they get the option of "Email follow-up comments to ... " your Blogger email address. I subscribe all the time so I do get any comments beyond mine in my email!

    There's YOUR "do you know" tip for the day. Enjoy! Hope I explained it clearly enough. Just give it a try and you'll figure it out. :-)

    Hope your child gets well soon (and nobody else catches it!). Enjoy your long weekend!

  3. Grandma G, you are awesome. Thanks for that. That may leave folks with no blogger acct out in the cold, right? I guess they might still have to check back.
    But I might try that little option for myself when I comment on others sites. Thanks for my 'do you know?' for the day. Oh, I see that little option right below the text field right now. cool.

  4. I just wanted to say that it's easy as pie to respond to comments. I know the emails you get a comment in usually have some "no reply" address, but I always just reply to them. It seems like they are always received also!

    I hope your youngest is feeling better soon!

  5. Just wanted to say that I've been reading your blog for a little while now and I'm SO inspired! I'm usually spending my hobby time scrapbooking ... but now I've pulled out my sewing machine and playing! Thanks! I hope you are able to go visit your family ;) Have a wonderful day!

  6. Do you know...I love everything that you do?! You do now! And I hope your youngest feels better, mine was also stricken by some pukey bug, and while the vomitting has stopped the tummy aching has not. :( Here's hoping you get to go on your get-away!!


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