Friday, April 24, 2009

amazing helen dardik

Images by Helen Dardik

Can't remember how I got to Helen Dardik's blog, Orange You Lucky, but was immediately smitten with EVERYTHING she creates. Especially her repeating pattern designs, examples shown above. If you are unfamiliar with her stuff, go jog through her blog and also her website to drool over some great design.

Dare I hope for Helen Dardik fabrics in the future? Please oh please...fingers crossed.


  1. I'm crazy about helen's work too! She's out of this world talented!Thanks for featuring her in your blog.

  2. Wow this is wonderful. Kind of has a touch of Mary Blair and Alexander Girard in a modern way. Love it!

  3. These are great - I especially like the middle one.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Love them. I also love your silhouette pictures. What beautiful girls!


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