Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hey, buds. My mac threw a proverbial rod on Monday, so I am writing this from the laptop downstairs. I don't think it is fatal, just needs a new HD. I miss my little friend, though.

Also, because I am a huge eedgit and haven't backed it up in the last few weeks, I have probably lost a bunch of recent stuff. (pause to mentally kick myself some more). I surely hope some professional geek can rescue some things from the old drive. For a nominal fee of course. (more kicking, with some flogging thrown in)

So. No access to my (probably gone forever anyway) photos = no new posts until next week. Thanks for checking in, I'll see ya again soon.


  1. Sorry about the tech melt down. Hopefully the computer guru can help save your info( my husband is a computer engineer, so he helps me free of charge- unless you count the ranting at me for the mess ups).

  2. I know how you feel! I hope they can get the data back. When you get set back up..check out it backs up online for $50 a year/or 5 a month. It saved me when my harddrive died last month

  3. oooo. That reminds me to burn all my recent photos to disk. Hope some of it can be saved!

  4. ginny, I have been too a)cheap and b)unorganized to take advantage of automatic online backups. I think it is available on also. i'll have to look at that again later, after my current crisis is over.

  5. Oh, I went through this and lost photos - just cried from my frustration with myself. I hope you can get them back!

  6. Are you sure about the mac? My powerbook would occasionally act up (overheat and not restart properly). I thought it was gone once or twice. I had luck taking out the battery for a minute and then restarting. I hope very much your stuff is safe and sound somewhere in there!

    I am not new to macs, but last week I called tech support because the new imac would not respond. Restarting didn't help. Turned out the wireless mouse needed new batteries. It had just enough juice to move the cursor, but nothing would happen when I clicked. They very kindly waved the fee!

    I use an external hard drive as well as dvds to back up. Still worry, but then worrying is my special talent.

    I discovered your blog recently and enjoy seeing your creations! Hoping for an easy fix for you!

  7. sewmuchfun4,
    Interesting, but yes, I'm sure. A sound like a jet engine winding up, fans going at full blast, startup stalls at the grey screen, disk utility says the drive is toast.
    So. Mistah Kurtz, he dead. But no sweat. New HD, we'll be back in business.
    I have an ext. HD backup too (it is just several weeks old), so it is not a total loss, thank goodness.

  8. hi larissa, sorry to hear about your computer meltdown! Hope there is some way for you to retrieve your files.

    good wishes.


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