Monday, June 1, 2009

colette the coffee cat

Joy! Little Colette has arrived from the Philippines and she is making herself right at home. Isn't she sweet? And she was completely, lovingly (and very neatly too I might add) handstitched by Christy at Sweet Tidings.

Christy has a beautiful blog and also two sweet shops to check out for handmade and zakka goodness. And she is just a swell person too.

hangin' with her new buds, Katy and Molly

I had no choice but to buy Colette and make her my own. I mean, come on:
a) Coffee themed scarf
b) Gingham
c) Mona Lisa smile

Now once I can wrestle her from the children, she can hang out with me in my craft wreck/office. She will certainly pretty up the place. Thanks, Christy!


  1. Wow, colette does look so comfy in there with her pretty friends!

    May Colette bring smiles everyday! :)

  2. She looks so happy there with her new friends :)

  3. Aren't you smart for snagging Miss Colette up from the P.I.? I think she's awfully cute. Hope you get to cuddle her some too!

  4. Colette is just adorable - as are those little critters! I am sure they will take good care of each other...

  5. So so sweet!
    And she looks perfect with her friends!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  6. I'm having a hard time turning my sewn skinny arms and legs right side out. do you have any tips that can help?

  7. Erika, no magic trick that I know of. If I can get my thumb and forefinger in there, I pinch some from the inside and draw it out, meanwhile pushing with my other hand. I'm sure there is a little tool out there somewhere for this that I don't have. I've often thought of sewing a piece of string into the tip to help pull it right side out. Haven't tried it though! Before you sew, you could fasten a safety pin near the end on the inside, away from your seam line. That might help too?

  8. Colette really looks so cute!!! i love selfmade plush dolls - they are just so lovely. ^^

    Ps.: your blog is just so beautiful - love it! =^^=


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