Friday, July 10, 2009

peer pressure

Had to succumb to the sale that she posted about. I mean, $4.98/yard for AB, AMH and DS? Yeah, come on. It really is a lou lou, check it out. Thanks, Bob.

So, more Katie Jump Rope and Good Folks for future projects as yet undreamed of, and also some Nigella that was backordered and will be coming later. I thought about using the blue cathedral window fabric to spruce this up with pockets or a yoke. And I'm thinking perhaps some fallish skirts or mayhaps a dress from the two fabrics on the right.


  1. I found your blog through the SMS flickr group .... and I love it! I am a Christian, love to sew, have 2 daughters (plus 4 sons), live in the ATL area, like Sense & Sensibility, and listen to Coldplay, too! I think I have found my blogger soul sister, lol! Oh - and thanks for the fabric sale link.

  2. Hi, and welcome Amy! Nice to meet you and yes, soul sisters we are! Wow, 6 kids! I bow to you! I tried to watch S&S with my 12 yr old niece the other night and was thinking I was opening a whole magical world for her. She didn't like it. The very idea! (clasping chest)
    "Don't say anything important" is a phrase my sisters and I use a lot.

  3. Hi, Larissa! I live in Alpharetta, and I'm curious to know if you have any favorite fabric stores in the metro Atlanta area. I've been buying my fabric online b/c I don't know of any stores here that carry designers like AMH. Do you know of any? Thanks!

  4. Hey, Megan! Besides my usual local Joann and Hobby Lobby, my fantasy fabric stores in Atlanta are Lewis & Sheron Textiles and Forsyth Fabrics, located within a couple of minutes of each other off of Howell Mill. I haven't been in a while, but they both have a HUGE HUGE HUGE selection. It makes your head spin. You can check for specific fabrics with them:


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