Friday, July 17, 2009

what are the odds?

My kids, my sweet M-I-L and I were browsing the children's section at IKEA yesterday and met the first person ever who recognized my family from my blog. Bess, her husband, and their 3.5 kids were in from out of town and shopping at IKEA after a fun day at the aquarium. We chatted happily for a few minutes while the kids all played with the toys.

It was a surreal moment. I mean, what are the odds? Teeny weeny no doubt. Bess, it was a great pleasure to meet you in Real Life, and I hope to see you here in blogville often. I forgot to ask you what your blog/username is! Thanks for introducing yourself! May God bless your family.


  1. Wow, that is weird. Odd enough if you guys lived in the same city but she doesn't even live here. A friend of mine told me several times about a blogger then one day she saw her across the chapel at her church. Guess the real world's not so big after all!

  2. It was great to meet you too, Larissa! I agree, what were the odds of that? We had a fun day in Atlanta and left IKEA with warm from the oven cinnamon rolls...mmmcinnamonrolls. I have two sadly neglected blogs. One is my personal blog. and the other is my blog from work.
    I will be starting a new job as the art teacher at High Shoals Elementary next month but worked in Morgan Co. for 9 years. I need to motivate myself to keep my personal blog updated! Thanks for chatting with us yesterday!

  3. Bess! man, those cinnamon rolls are the bomb. As we left we were stuffing our faces with them also. So nice to meet you there and read you here!
    It's no wonder your personal blog is lonely between three and a half of your own kids and your job as a teacher. I bow to you! Your students do some really beautiful work!

  4. Ikea and a Larissa meet! Lucky girl bess. I just went to ikea near cincy so daughter#1 could stock up for her big move....sob...
    I don't live near a store , so it was a treat to visit. As my girls say, Ikea is magical!

  5. The world is small.
    You see that you left quite an impression on your readers with your blog.

  6. do you blog about homeschooling? I'm an avid reader of your blog, I'd have to say my fave, and am comtemplating HS my twins this year (grade 2)...any suggestions?

  7. Hey, Punkmom! Thanks for reading, and for your support. No, I don't blog about home schooling, but there are scads of talented ladies out there who do, like this one:
    Oops, looks like she hasn't posted in a while. She has 6 kids, maybe that is why! ha!
    As for me and my family, we love home schooling and I'd recommend it to anyone who is ready. My sister home schooled all three of hers all the way through HS, and they all did so well.
    Sooooo many resources are available to folks nowadays, lots of online sites, curriculums, support groups, coops.
    We use Sonlight curriculum and love it. Hope that helps!


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