Friday, August 14, 2009


Here's what I did to the dress I wasn't satisfied with. Y'all gave me a bunch of neat ideas and I was torn between gathered pockets and the bib. I went with bib because I've never done one for the girls' dresses and I wanted to try it.

Designing and making the bib was pretty easy. The biggest pain was having to take off the bias binding around the neck and do it over. I tried to convince myself to only lift the binding in the front to tuck the bib under, but it was going to be just as much trouble to do that as to add new binding, so I went with the safe option.

I think it added the needed lil sumpm.
Pockets might still be cute...
But I am done.

Here's what I did, if you are curious.

I laid the dress down, placed a sheet of paper on top, and sketched a bib onto the paper. Then I folded my sketch in half (so it would be symmetrical) and cut out a bib pattern from it.

Then I got a rectangle of fabric large enough for the bib with some room to spare all around. I made sure the fabric was pretty substantial, because I didn't want the loud print to show through the bib. The tucks take up two inches of width, so I made sure to have plenty of extra width. I didn't trace the bib pattern yet, I waited to do that until after I had the tucks sewn.

I drew two vertical lines down the fabric that were 1 inch apart. Then I measured two inches over and drew two more vertical lines one inch apart. So I had 4 lines drawn as guides, with a wider space in the middle for the buttons.

Then I folded the fabric along the first line and pinned it. I sewed a quarter inch all the way down. Then I folded the fabric on the next line, pinned it, and sewed, and so on until I had 4 tucks sewn. I ironed the tucks two facing the left, and two facing the right. Now I was ready for the pattern.

I laid my bib pattern down over the tucked fabric, making sure the tucks were straight and centered with the pattern. Then I traced around the bib pattern and cut it out.

I fabrictac'd the tucks down at the top and bottom in the correct direction so I wouldn't inadvertently move them and sew them down in the wrong direction. It sounds like something I'd do, huh? Then I sewed matching bias binding to the bib on all sides except the part that was to align with the neck.

Now I had to rip off the bias binding from around the neck. You won't be doing this because you have the foresight to include the bib on the dress when you are sewing the dress, and not afterward. ahem.

I pinned the bib down on the dress and made sure it was centered and straight, then I tacked it with fabric glue around the edges here and there to make double sure it wouldn't shift. Then I sewed it on, following the line of the bias binding.

I re-applied the bias binding around the neck.

Lastly, I sewed on the little buttons. Voila. Look at these little bib dresses. Aren't they precious?


  1. love it! such a cute idea, and so well done!

  2. Great choice! I like the bib look! It gives it a tuxedo feel too. The dress looks much better dressed up with your addition.

  3. Lovelier than before and I loved it the first time. Still one of my favorite patterns and a cute dress that will transition to fall with tights and a long sleeved shirt under or a cardigan on top. So sweet.

  4. Love the way it turned out! Very cute.

  5. That is FANTASTIC! I love seeing your ideas, they are always so fun!

  6. The bib is absolutely darling! It definitely makes the dress :)

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  8. Holy Cow! It's awesome! I love, love, LOVE it! Way to not just give up and make it even better!

  9. It looks good! The bib seems to make it more "look at the cute dress" than "see the bold fabric"

  10. gorgeous little dress, love your idea with the bib.luv sue x

  11. I really love it, Larissa. Great job. I agree with Shannon - it will be really cute this fall. Too bad we didn't buy more of those yellow Mary Janes, right?

  12. thank you everybody! I think I'm going a bit crazy because now I'm considering adding some ruffle sleeves. Don't worry, I'll probably talk myself out of it.

    But I'll keep a bib in mind for future dresses, I really like it.

    Robyn, YES! I was just thinking the same thing! that is totally weird. I wonder if they have those yellow shoes in size 13s? ha! I really miss them. I need some great red ones too for the girls.

  13. adorable! I love coming here and seeing what you come up with next

  14. That dress is absolutely gorgeous. From the fabric to the bibbed front, I love everything about it!

  15. so perfect--just the right thing. love those vintage patterns. . . wish my mom had more.

  16. That is so striking. I love it. The yellow binding around the sleeves complements that lovely fabric perfectly. Is the dress fabric vintage?

  17. Kristine, no it is not vintage fabric. It is from Anna Maria Horner's fabulous Good Folks line.


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