Friday, August 21, 2009

stuff I want to do instead of the stuff I'm doing.

My mind always jumps ahead like five projects when I'm working on one that is currently baffling me. It's so much easier to dream of future perfectly executed projects than to fix the one in my lap.

I wanna...

do stamp carving like her. Actually I want to paint
birds like her too. or paint anything like her.

just make myself a top like her already. she amazes me with her sewing moxy and the fact that what she sews actually looks great on her and is in fact, wearable. That's a hurdle I'm still trying to leap.

make my girls a dress like she did.
How amazing is this woman's sense of design?
answer: pretty amazing.
I have one like it in the works already in my head:
dark denim with a brown Katie Jump Rope print inset.

make another paper diorama collage a la her.
Everything she creates is completely captivating to me.


  1. I'm the same way. I have crafters ADD. I always seem to get more excited about another project before I've completed the one I'm actually working on. Don't feel bad ;)

  2. Maybe we should start a support group? =) I'm right there with you!

  3. Oh I LOVE that little girl's dress!

    I come up with a million things I want to make while I'm at my desk at work, then I get home and can't FOCUS on anything.

  4. An enthusiastic "here, here!" to your Katie did love. She is amazing. I wish she'd post her patterns, don't you??? I refuse to pay for patterns, but hers I would without batting an eyelash.

  5. I'm with you! But I wish I could make all the amazing things you can! Your creations are so expressive and delightful. Be encouraged that there are makers out there who look at what YOU do and wish... "oh I would love to be able to do that!" What a humble person you are.

  6. sarah, there's probably an endless circle of crafters who pine after each others work! The grass is always greener, you know. Ha! thanks for your kind words.

  7. I totally agree with you. The ones you picked out are favourites of mine too. :))

  8. OH I so want to be doing things other than what I HAVE to do. It's those WANT to do things that hardly ever get done!

  9. Thank you so much for posting these links! Thanks to you I am the favorite at baby showers with your Molly monkey design. Thanks to Geninne's art blog I have officially switched my medium to watercolor and have been able to sell prints rather then just originals! 3 of my most recent paintings are showing right now. Thanks to Alexis Meschi, I have a whole new wardrobe for $0.

  10. Becky, WOW. now that was a useful post. :-)


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