Monday, October 5, 2009

have a lovely (fashion) week.

image from The Hidden Seed by Elsa Mora

I'm on blog break this week. I thought I'd share a fashion blog that caught my eye. The Hidden Seed is from Elsa Mora, tortured genius of all things papercutty, and maybe I'm the last one to discover it. Her clothes and photos are so artfully staged and lit! They look like portrait paintings instead of photos. Not surprising. Plenty of inspiration to scroll through and get lost in. Oh, the shoes.


  1. Wow! I checked out her shop and wow! Trying to figure out how to follow a typepad blog since I use blogger. Anyone know the trick?

  2. That's such a wonderful blog! Her pictures are amazing... thanks for sharing :)

  3. the Lost Earring, yeah Wow was my first thought when I saw her papercuts. I don't think you can follow it, but you can subscribe to the feed, there is a link on the sidebar.

  4. I have lurked forever. I love your ideas, and can't wait to try a few. Please accept the "One Lovely Blog" award. Details on my blog, at

    Best wishes!

  5. Chris, congratulations on breaking blog silence and thanks so very much for the award! that's delightful.


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